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8 ways Tiwa Savage and Tunji Balogun’s union has suffered permanent damage 

– and how they can live ever happily after this monumental scandal
The life altering allegations purportedly posted by a hacker who got hold of the Instagram account of Tunji BALOGUN, the handsome husband of beautiful singer Tiwa Savage has done the marriage permanent damage.

The horrendous outbursts of Thursday, April 28, 2016, morning has hung a dark cloud on the two year union of the couple battling every day struggles of matrimony. Those without this level of scandal fight to keep their union strong, not to talk of one with such stupendous mess heaped on it allegedly by a wicked soul.

And those familiar with the psychological trauma of such episodes have warned that they will have a hard time remaining as one, even as claims that the outbursts was the machination of a hacker.

Many sore subjects were touched in the furious rants which has left a number of damaging and bitter after taste…
1. Many well meaning friends and associates will keep the couple at arms length – Many of us want an unobtrusive and peaceful life, without baggage or hint of scandal . And will do anything to maintain such an easy existence. So, keeping away from those prone to scandals, who could splash mud on us, is an instinct we all fan and nurture. Friends and associates who think they could be actors in their future spat will keep them at arm’s length, especially men who cherish their marriage. Being accused of sleeping with a married woman is a scandal even skirt chasers detest.
2. The suspicion that he’s a kept man would be difficult to shake off – Being paraded and hung as a kept man destroys a man’s manliness and ego. Even when far from the truth, the perception makes the man the subject of back biting and wicked gossip. Nobody credits him with anything, all the possessions he exhibits are attributed to his wife. From house rent to house keeping, school fees to holidays, he’s seen as a broker who can’t wear the trousers. This hovering innuendo damages a man. And he would need to do a business that is so public before anyone credits him with hard work and honest pay.
3. Both would lose sleep for months – Fame is not a good thing in the long run, because it eventually hangs you in public square on a market day at high noon. And since fame is not forever, bystanders usually wait as it runs its course hoping that the end will throw up some sensation. That is why famous people kill themselves to stay relevant. And scandals like this snatch their peace and wreck their sleep. For weeks, it would be difficult for the couple to sleep restfully. Their dreams will be similar to nightmares, every sound will become a bedlam ringing in their ears. And lack of sleep torments the soul and body. They will have too much on their minds to ease off to sleep effortlessly.
4. Her career would suffer as Mavins Records might reconsider their association –Too many people who help her career were mentioned in the embarrassing rants capable of destroying homes. And since there has been one wicked rumour after the other, her Mavins Records colleagues may reconsider their working relationship.Two of the principal associates were mentioned in the outburst, and one is married. The posts have done a damage difficult to measure.
5. They will lose the confidence of their families –Since no secret appears to be safe in the hands of the couple, with their parents brought into the picture by the rants, who would trust them? Family members will stay away to avoid being soiled and ridiculed.
6. They need psychological help -It is apparent that the couple need psychological intervention. This much damage is difficult to bear without being properly rooted. A doctor of psychology and a wise man, possibly a spiritually sound elder, must be consulted. Surviving this level of scandal, whether engineered by a hacker or friend, needs intervention.
7. Trust has been murdered in the relationship -We have to be honest, trust has been murdered in the relationship, and it needs resurrection.

No union can survive without a high level of trust, and both need to rebuild the trust and rediscover the elements that endeared them to one another. They got married because they moved from friends to lovers and partners. They have to keep the flame of love aglow since it truly conquers.
8. Their sex life is ruined –Their sex life would be tormented for years unless they resolve this lack of trust. Every time they are alone, their thoughts would land on the other outsiders mentioned in the rant. And it would be difficult for their bosom to warm and glow, and progress to the next level. The sex might just be physical, a source of tension reliever and not much else.

-Agbolade Owolabi for

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