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9 days and events that changed the future of John Edobor

John Edobor, the slim 40 year old gentleman now facing an attempted murder charge would now be wishing he handled some events differently.

With an uncertain future, losing his Zenith Bank job, facing a felony and possibly a long trial, many events conspired to rewrite his destiny.

Now, the Edo born father of three daughters would be lamenting, and pondering if some events had never happened.

Here are some days John Edobor would have preferred to stay longer in bed…


  1. The day he met Ivie, which eventually transformed into a romance and later marriage in 2007.
  2. When the idea of a business was mooted and Omesco began trading.
  3. Leaving his wife to take over total management of Omesco. Not insisting on the audit for 2013.
  4. Lackadaisical attention and resolution of the debts.
  5. Allowing the debt issue to escalate, leading to Ivie leaving their Ajah home, moving to Orile and later Surulere.
  6. Not inviting older family members to intervene and resolve the matter before they escalated and dragged for two years. One of the resolutions may even be divorce.
  7. Continuing the relationship after May (after he claimed that his wife was pregnant and was still sleeping with Matthew).
  8. Finding himself at her house in the night of June 18 and morning of June 19. And avoiding a confrontation which resulted in the injury.
  9. Not paying the hospital bill and allowing family members to wade in. The police case may have been resolved.

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