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9 events that changed the game for Ivie Edobor

The marital bliss enjoyed by the Edobors who wedded  in 2007 with three beautiful daughters to show for it would have been far different from the current court room drama, broken leg and a jeopardised future, if certain events had not happened.

The pains of today may have been avoided if certain episodes never played out.

Here are some signposts that altered the life of Ivie Edobor  (39)…

  1. If she had remained in the employ of Stanbic IBTC (where she left in July 2011) or found another job.
  2. Starting Omesco, which sold diapers and later perishables, changed the course of her life.
  3. If she had restricted her trading to diapers and non-perishables, she would not have made huge losses.
  4. Borrowing changed the game. If she had cut her losses and moved on, she may not have piled up the huge debt that compromised her household.
  5. Maybe if her husband had been told fully about all her exposures, both could have worked out a plan with their creditors (instead of the embarrassment which led to her leaving the house in September 2014).
  6. More patience in handling the departure from her matrimonial home, could have led to a quicker resolution.
  7. Moving from her father’s Orile house to Surulere further threatened their peace.
  8. Her relationship with Matthew Agbaire, whether platonic or sexual, should have been better handled.
  9. Going back home with Matthew Agbaire in the morning of June 19 changed everything .

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