9 lessons from Archbishop Nicholas Okoh’s sermon at Chinazo and Mekam Okoye’s wedding

The sermon of the Primate of The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, succinct and insightful, reminded all, especially the couple, of the elements that sustain and ennoble marriage.

Some of the lessons drawn from the sermon with anecdotes are:

  1. “The Bible, nature and our culture insist on marriage between man and woman.” We must continue to follow and advance this position. The union of marriage must produce fruits for the world to continue. Homosexuality is not in the interest of humanity.


  1. “Marriage demands more than love.” You must add the pillars of trust, service and loyalty to hold marriage.


  1. “Jealousy in the context of marriage is positive.” Jealousy preserves and makes a union exclusive. Even God is jealous.


  1. “Headship by the man is important.” But he must listen and respect superior arguments and positions. And never fight over authority.


  1. “Obey and serve your man.” Pamper him and attend to his needs, and he would soon surrender everything.


  1. “Marriage is likened to the relationship between Jesus Christ and the Church.” It is permanent, sacrificial and forgiving.


  1. “Praying together leads to reconciliation.” And attending the same church (and even occasions as a couple) protects marriage from illicit relationships.


  1. “Never rush to court for divorce.” You can still mend the fence and be happy if you allow time to heal pains.


  1. “Never interfere in a union negatively.” Don’t attach yourself to a married man or woman. It disturbs a union.

Archbishop Nicholas Okoh advised ladies fond of dating married men to desist.

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