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10 quick facts about today’s Orlando shooting at gay club 

The deadliest mass shooting in the history of the United States of America happened this morning at PULSE Club, a gay hang out joint, in Orlando, Florida.

Here are quick facts about the mindless crime President Obama has described as an act of terror and hate.
1. About 50 people were killed, and 53 injured.
2. The gunman was Omar Saddiqui Mateen, 29, who’s from Fort Pierce, Florida.
3. He was eventually killed by police at the night club.
4. The crazed shooter called 911 to claim allegiance to ISIS.
5.The shooting lasted for over three hours, from 2 am.
6. Omar Saddiqui Mateen was well armed with over three dangerous weapons.
7. Investigators are already at his home, combing everywhere for clues.
8. The city has declared a state of emergency.
9. President Barack Obama said the killings was ‘an act of terror and act of hate.’

10. ISIS is already gloating over the murders.


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