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9 signs you need to take care of body health-wise

According to Dr. Deyo Famuboni, a General Practitioner in London, England, you need to listen to your body to feel well and prevent future problems.  Here are 9 signs you need to take into consideration even though they may be harmless, it could be warning sign on your health.


  1. Gaining weight around the waist

If your waist is higher than 31 inches (for women) and 37 inches (for men), you are at risk of developing diabetes and a condition known as metabolic syndrome.  The risk could be higher when the waist is bigger than 34 inches (88cm for women) or 40 inches (102cm for men).

Keeping your waist perimeter low, a good diet and regular exercise can prevent this.


  1. Yellow spots around your eyes or elbows

This could be a sign your cholesterol level is raised and it is due to fatty deposits under your skin.  It is known as Xanthelasma.

This condition can only be detected when a test is carried out on empty stomach.  But dietary interventions and exercise could help reduce this.


  1. Dark circles around the eyes

This could be due to allergy, but not getting enough sleep can contribute to it.  Rubbing your nose and itchy eyes is part of this.

What you need to do is identify your allegies and probably take anti-allergy medications.


  1. Itchy feet

Wet environment can increase fungal infections which might result in itchy feet.  White scaly or damp rash could be seen in-between your toes or under the feet.

Airing your feet, good hygiene and anti-fungal cream are perfect means of solving this.


  1. Cracks at the corners of the mouth

You need to increase the consumption of foods rich in B Vitamins and iron like leafy green vegetables, eggs and lean meat. 

Moisturizing usually clears the cracks.


  1. Very itchy rash

It is a sign of coeliac disease.  It is a condition known as gluten-sensitivity whereby the body reacts to gluten protein in food. It can affect the bowels.

A test can be carried out on coeliac disease and gluten-free food should be consumed.


  1. Thinning Hair

A problematic condition for women due to low iron level, since they lose iron monthly.  It could lead to anaemia, also thyroid problem could lead to thinning hair.

A blood test and increase in iron rich foods or supplements can help.


  1. Brittle nails

This occurs when the nails are exposed to damp conditions or frequent use of nail polish. It can be a sign of fungal infection, arthritis, psoriasis or thyroid problems.  If it is due to these situations, you might have other symptoms like fatigue, rash and painful joints.

Moisturising the nails and seeing your doctor is the best solution.


  1. Constipation

You need to increase the intake of fibre and water.  We need both soluble and insoluble fibres to prevent constipation and decrease cholesterol levels respectively.

Gradual intake of both can help the body to adapt gradually.


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