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9 things that gave away Basketmouth’s knighthood video as fake


The video of Basketmouth’s knighthood by the Queen of England almost fooled us.

Like many, we thought the decoration of Sir Bright Okpocha was real until we had a rethink. assembles  a few things that gave the video away (apart from the comment after it):
1. There is usually ample notice and announcement before the investiture.  And there is no way we would all have missed the big news. It would have been widely celebrated.
2. Family members are also invited to the knighthood, and we didn’t see his wife and children in the video.
3. The costume of the palace officials looked funny.
4. Basketmouth would have worn a morning dress, like men usually do to such ceremony.
5. The actress used as the Queen was a bit unlike Her Majesty, especially to keen watchers.
6. Her funny gesture after the decoration gave her away. The Queen is always dignified and regal.
7. The attendees were too few, with empty seats visible.
8. The jocular gestures of Basketmouth have no place at the event of such nature.
9. The Queen stands on a higher platform than the recipient

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