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9 ways John Edobor’s attempted murder trial will play out

The attempted murder trial of former banker, John Edobor, being handled by prosecutors in the office of Director of Public Prosecutions, will take at least two years.

But will he stand trial from prison or come to court from home?

Check how the trial may play out…

  1. The next time he’s arraigned, the High Court may be where his plea is taken.
  2. The new charges will be read, and if he’s lucky his bail application may be heard.
  3. If it is opposed, the application may not be resolved in one hearing. And he would spend some time in prison, either Ikoyi or Kirikiri.
  4. With stringent bail conditions, he will spend more time behind bars.
  5. Trials are expensive, and most of his savings and extra will go into his defence.
  6. He will change lawyers or more sympathetic counsels may join the defence.
  7. D-day will come when judgement will be read. If he is lucky, he may be acquitted. If not, he will spend the rest of his life in prison.
  8. With some money, if pronounced guilty, he could appeal. And appeals are expensive and take a long time.
  9. During his trial, even family members will desert him – and he will suffer depression and more. He will lose and gain weight, full of regrets. He will ruminate about different scenarios and wished many events had not happened the way they did.




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