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9 ways to keep sane without petrol and electricity

-as kill joy ministers Kachikwu and Fashola intensify hardship

In addition to the back breaking economy which has seen a spike in collapsed and crumbled companies, more millions without jobs and delayed salaries, sharp rise in the cost of living, the twin evil of petrol scarcity and power outages have further driven Nigerians up the wall.

The two kill joy ministers – Dr. Ibe Kachikwu (Petroleum Resources) and Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN (Power, Housing and Works), have joined hands to diminish their compatriots, make us poorer and sad.

But hope must be fanned.  Don’t allow their ineptitude and excuses make you less human. And send you on a painful odyssey of angst. brings you 9 ways to keep yourself sane, be on top of the challenges thrown your way and triumph…

  1. Everything passes (nothing lasts for too long). 

This suffering midwifed  by Dr. Kachikwu and Fashola would end soon. It’s either both are sacked and replaced or they solve permanently constant fuel shortages and scarcity and power outages.

Nigeria is bigger than these issues – we need a stable and conducive and progressive environment for businesses to survive and thrive.

These two areas are killing businesses and happiness – and they must come to an end soon.

  1. See beyond the challenges

You must not immerse yourself in sorrow and anguish because of a scenario that will change. Rise above the challenges and find coping mechanism – because tomorrow is full of promise .

We have had worse situations, and we came out of it alive and better and excited to tell the tale.

So, don’t lose yourself in a temporary hardship.

  1. Speak to elders, seek wisdom

Those who are older, who have seen good and bad times will put everything in perspective. They will tell you of dangerous times when Nigerians from the east starved and ate lizards, when children died of common ailments.

And they will also tell you of a time when General Yakubu Gowon declared that we were so rich we didn’t know what to do with money.

They also have inspiring stories of when electricity hardly blinked and petrol flowed like water at filling stations.

  1. Maintain your cool

Don’t be destructively aggressive. Engage in positive activities that will bring about change. Complain constructively in the right quarters.

Don’t misdirect your anger on other suffering Nigerians, quarrelling and hollering at petrol stations.

Direct your anger at the government.

  1. Find escape in simple pleasures

Create time to find and discover yourself in simple pleasures that cost nothing. Walk more, car pool, exercise, read and think about how to be kinder and more helpful.

There are many activities that cost nothing but would improve your life.

  1. Get enough sleep

Sleep improves your health. Get enough of it – even in this hot weather!

You need at least 6, 7 or 8 hours of sleep. So, create a pattern and stick to it.

Make your room conducive for restful sleep. Take a cool bath in the evening, ensure your room is well ventilated. Throw away your sorrow as you lay on your bed.

  1. Talk to family, friends and colleagues about these dangerous times

You are not alone. Everyone is bothered by this harsh and unfriendly atmosphere. So, compare notes with friends, family and colleagues. You will be surprised what insight you will get.

Talking about a problem, especially a general scenario, ameliorates the pains.

  1. Be informed, so that you can assess scenarios

Equip yourself, learn from different sources and understand the challenges and put them in proper perspectives.

If President Muhammadu Buhari is targeting 10,000 mega watts in three years, it means you can’t have 24 hour electricity even in 2019!

And if Nigeria, now the second largest producer of oil in Africa, cannot refine all the petrol it needs, scarcity will be around for a long time.

Don’t deceive yourself…

  1. Save your money, downgrade your taste and lifestyle

You must learn to cope with hard times – and the secret is to save, downgrade your taste and lifestyle.

This is when to learn how to curb your excesses and live far below your means. Save money in all ways you can – eat less, buy less items and stretch your budget.

Hard times teaches us to be Spartan. And there’s a lot of good in being less greedy and acquisitive.


– Agbolade Owolabi for

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