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9 years for crooked pastor who stole £4 million

Sam Kayode, 59, the Nigerian accountant and part time pastor who stole £4 million to finance his philandering and lavish lifestyle was jailed in the evening of Friday, June 24 ( at Woolwich Crown Court) for 9 nine years.

Described as Britain’s biggest education fraudster, the dishonest and greedy school accountant who lives in East London, was said to have lavished his loot on four women.
Earning £57,000 per annum, he was dissatisfied, obtaining £150,000 by theft, and £3.9 million by fraud.
Here are the things Sam Kayode bought with his loot which he stole over a seven year period:
  • Luxury cars including Mercedes Benz, Audi TT, Infiniti
  • Louis Vuitton briefcase
  • £500 Gucci shoes
  • £1 million asset in Nigeria in possession of his second wife Olubunmi Halima, 33
  • Spent over £98,000 a month
  • Rented flats for two mistresses Toyin Lawal and Yetunde Turtak
Only £800,000 was recovered with Sam, father of four children, claiming that he had no properties in Nigeria.

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