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A Wacko’s hilarious review of ‘Enakhe’ is the content, we signed up for!

YouTuber, A Wacko recently reviewed Africa Magic’s new telenovela, Enakhe, and we think it is possibly the most hilarious thing you’ll watch today. 

A Wacko started off by giving us a background to his high school days talking about a particular classmate of his named “Yes” who names their child “Yes”? (Lmao).

His narration of the scene where Jonas left Enakhe hanging after helping her out with her Yoga routine had us in stitches. 

In his usual witty manner, the popular movie reviewer tells us one of the main reasons he is watching the show is because there are a lot of fine girls in it. And we can’t argue on the fine girls part.  

What’s this show though? Well, Enakhe is set in the backdrop of the beautifully contrasting Edo state where the ‘haves’ are more desperate than the ‘have-nots’ and the ‘have-nots’ are more honourable than the ‘haves’.

Enakhe tells the story of a beautiful young lady who has her own ideas about the way she wants to live her life but being the heiress to her father’s ill-built empire, she has to come out of the Cocoon she’s lived in for much too long if she is to take charge of her father’s empire. 

It is a show that will make you laugh, keep you glued to your screens and keep you guessing what’s next. 

Doubt us? Watch A Wacko’s Review below and see what he has to say. 

*Its Here*

Enakhe airs on Africa Magic on DStv channel 151 every weekday by 8 pm.



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