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Abbyke Domina talks about her designs and online magazine

Abbyke Domina is a fashion designer and stylist, she has gradually carved a niche for herself with her online magazine, Celebrity Shoot. Barely three years in the industry, her name is on the lipa of many fashion lovers. ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with her about her foray into fashion and much more…


How and when did your journey into the fashion industry start?

I started this journey into the fashion industry about two years ago. I have always had the passion for fashion designing. I started out selling clothes but decided to start designing myself.

Why the decision to venture into the industry?

I was passionate about making designs myself. After I stopped selling branded clothes, I thought of branding my own design myself. It was not easy starting out but we thank God for how far we have gone.

How will you describe the journey so far?

It has been great and hectic, but glory be to Almighty God. We cannot complain, once you are passionate about what you do, every other thing will fall in place.

What are some of the challenges peculiar to your job?

No specific challenges so far, because whatever I do, I don’t give up. Even if it doesn’t work the way I wanted, at the end it is always something to rejoice over and be grateful about.

Where did you acquire the skills for what you do?

I actually trained from my personal fashion designer, then most of the training was self. I put in so much effort to teach myself.

You released your spring and summer collections a couple of days back, tell us about them?

Yes, I did. I always like to bring out designs I create in my head or I put into action. I love creativity, so I am always happy showing what I have to my fans and clients.

I have an online magazine, which is called The Celebrity Shoot where I shoot African female celebrities every month wearing my designs.

How price friendly are your outfits?

Very affordable.

Who are your role models in fashion and the industry?

Let me say Genevieve and Nike Oshinowo. Then I love Deola Sagoe and Lanre Da Silva so much. Their name have always been on my lips since I started.

Tell us about your background?

Abbyke Domina is a self named label, established June 30, 2012. Abbyke is a graduate of University Of Lagos. Last born of a family of four, she recently won the Stylist of the Year for Eloy Awards and has worked hard styling many female celebrities.



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