Abuja Prophet Joshua Iginla predicts Jonathan’s 2015 victory


‘…But will suffer damaging political blow’

-Gives friends 2 cars

The leading prophet in Abuja, Bro. Joshua Iginla, has released more shocking revelations warning that Nigeria should pray hard against bloodshed that has never been recorded in the history of the country five days after the election.

The clergy made this prediction after the ground breaking ceremony of his ongoing 80,000-seater city of wonder of his ministry, Champions Royal Assembly, Kubwa, Abuja, which is expected to gulp N10 billion. Incidentally it’s the 8th anniversary of the thriving church on Sunday, December 7, 2014.

IMG_20141207_154931He predicted specifically that God revealed to him that President Goodluck Jonathan will still win the 2015 election, but will suffer a terrible political blow which he might live to nurse for the rest of his life. He also warned that God said politicians who massacre or shed innocent blood will experience 100 fold of divine punishment.

Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Monday, December 8, 2014, he said,” Nigerians should pray against bloodbath that might erupt five days after the general elections in 2015. Count five days after the election day, watch and pray against a bloodshed that has never been witnessed in the history of Nigeria. Check my tract record and you will know that I don’t just prophesy without God’s directive. God told me to warn those that will lose in the forthcoming election to be careful because He will not forgive them for the lives they are planning to massacre.  He said I should warn losers of the presidential election in particular to be careful that He will never forgive them if lives were lost due to their actions and that He will inflict on them such measures in 100 folds.

2015 election will be free but I can’t say it will be fair because there will be lots of intrigues. Nigeria won’t separate or divide. I saw that things will be hard but like a fire that went up and came crashing down suddenly so will the tragedies stop. Remember, I prophesized in 2012 that I saw a vision that some states will be barricaded and it will be difficult for people to cross to other states, we are about entering the fulfillment of such revelation but it will come down. The military will soon record major victories against the insurgents. Their victory against these terrorists should not be our battle cry but what will happen immediately after the elections. That’s why the incumbent leader should not only think about winning the election but think of winning the heart of the people who are losers or opponents.  Losers should not see themselves as losers but an opportunity for them to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate themselves and prepare for better victory. Listen, celebrations should be minimal by the winning parties but running an inclusive government should be paramount. The president should pray very well because he will win the election but will suffer political blows that he might live to nurse for the rest of his life. I saw a political blow which entails you might be in power but nursing political injuries that refused to heal. I am talking in parables. Mark my words, the president will experience a lot of betrayals and he will know that when he wins the election, it’s not because he is powerful but because IMG_20141207_161239God knows why He still has a plan for him.

“Nigerians should pray for INEC and take note of this four states, Lagos, Rivers, Adamawa and Yobe.”

Interestingly, the clergy whose car gift to veteran actor, Larry Koldsweat, a brand new 2014 Infiniti jeep also dashed a journalist, a Toyota Matrix and gave a young pastor, Pastor Moses Omoneli who is the General Overseer of Jubilee Church International in Lagos a new Toyota Camry and N500,000 during the anniversary.

General Overseer of Royal Champion Assembly, Bro. Joshua Iginla began his ministry in 2006, in his living room at Millionaire Quarters, Byazhin, Kubwa, Abuja.

One of the Sunday’s at Millionaire Quarters, an elderly woman slumped and died in the church. Rather than panic, the prayer was intensified and in few minutes, by the mercy of God, the woman came back to life. The story spread around the town and subsequently, the church began to experience an overflow of congregation and under four months, God blessed the church with a cathedral, one of the biggest in Byazhin and the church continued to experience so much spread and so much happenings, all manners of miracles, breakthroughs, age long barrenness terminated and healings of all manners. The church has branches locally and internationally and with their own TV station, Champions TV. Brother Joshua as he is fondly called is happily married with kids.


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