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Ace Comedian, Julius Agwu Opens Up on ‘Crack Ya Ribs’, Family and Recuperation

‘I’m taking things very slowly now’

The genius comedian, Julius Agwu is the most fortunate man in entertainment right now! This year alone, he celebrated his 42nd birthday, his seventh marriage anniversary and a successful brain surgery in America.

To top it off, he marked the 10th anniversary of Crack Ya Ribs London edition to resounding success in August – what more can one ask for?

He told us all about that in this exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly…


Congratulations on the success of the last Crack Ya Ribs. Would you say the original objective for the show has been achieved 10 years after?

Yes, pretty much so. Now, Nigerians and Africans in the diaspora know that there are talents back home.

10 years is no joke! What has kept it going?

The zeal and enthusiasm to succeed in spite of all odds and God’s grace.

Did this year’s edition meet or surpass your expectation?

It surpassed my expectations and God truly proved Himself.

What has the feedback been like since the show?

Positive feedback all through. As a matter of fact it has been trending, people are still talking about it and congratulating me for a successful show.

How much work and resources go into staging a show as grand as Crack Ya Ribs?

(Laughs) That’s a story for another day. Trust me, enough to make you cry when things go wrong.

Why did you choose to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the show abroad rather than in Nigeria where it was birthed?

What we celebrated was the 10th anniversary of the London Crack ya Ribs. So, it had to be in London. The brand, Crack ya Ribs is more than 15 years old.

How has Crack Ya Ribs evolved and improved over the decade?

As the first major African comedy show in London, it was rough and tough at the beginning. You make mistakes, learn from them and improve on the next show. That’s how we’ve been able to sustain the brand.

What do you regard as the highest point of your career in over a decade?

I believe that my best is yet to come, so I can’t talk of a high point yet.

Any low point?

Of course. As I said, there were hurdles and challenges but we thank God we were able to surmount them.

Entertainers have busy schedules, how have you ensured this does not affect the home front?

I try as much as possible to merge both. But right now I’m taking things very slowly and in all, it’s family over every other thing.

How much of a family man are you?

I’m a complete family man.

What are the most important things to you?


Let’s talk about your health, how are you feeling since the surgery?

I’m stronger and better and God is perfecting my healing.

How’s your recuperation coming along?

God is handling the project.

What’s your daily diet like as recommended by the doctors?

There is no diet. I eat virtually everything but I try to eat healthy.

How has it affected your lifestyle, have you had to make any adjustments to your daily routine?

Yes, unlike before I rest more now and only go out when it’s necessary.

What’s the next step for you now, will you continue Crack Ya Ribs or we should expect a new concept from you?

The next step is the 10th anniversary of Crack Ya Ribs in Abuja on October 2, 2015 and Port Harcourt on Christmas Day. After that, we intend to rebrand it. So, watch out.

How’s your Reel Laif band doing?

The band has been on break as I have been away but I am back fully now so we are bringing back a new Reel Laif band.

Would you say you are fulfilled in your chosen field?

I have made an impact but my best is yet to come.

I clearly have a lot to thank God for in 2015, from my 42nd birthday, successful surgery, marriage anniversary.

How does that feel?

I give God all the glory. It could only be Him. Just being alive today is a miracle. I feel blessed.

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