Activist fails to get sympathy over Buhari’s sickness post

The Facebook post of lawyer and activist, Ebun Olu-Adegboruwa claiming that the President, Muhammadu Buhari is too ill to continue, failed to get sympathy from Nigerians.

The outspoken lawyer on Wednesday, January 4, wrote:


Good morning all. I’ve been watching and observing the trend of events since the emergence of the administration of General Mohammadu Buhari and I have reasons to believe the following:

  1. The President is truly and truly sick, to the very point that sickness can be inferred, and this is known to many people around him, but they are denying and “padding” it because of their personal and selfish interests.
  2. It does not gladden my heart to know this, as sickness cannot be a reason to kick against anybody, given that we are all human, but Nigerians have a right to know the true state of health of their leaders, especially the president given the enormous functions and powers attached to his office. He cannot rule us by proxy.
  3. All the so-called international trips and State visits embarked upon by the President so far, were meant to attend to his failing health. The international community and indeed most foreign investors are aware of the true state of the president’s health, as he has visited and received treatment in their hospitals.
  4. On account of this sickness, the president is manifestly not in control of affairs in Aso Villa and has been hijacked by some cabal, who are directly in control of all critical national issues, even to the exclusion of the Vice President and indeed leaders of the ruling APC. This much has been attested to by the president’s wife and indeed the Senate President.
  5. Presently, we have on our hands, another Yar’adua scenario, whereby some cabal are using the state of health of the president to achieve their own personal gains at the expense of the nation.
  6. This sickness and the cabalistic conundrum have in turn led to a collapse of governance, ruined the economy and paralyzed the national wheel of progress.

We cannot allow this to continue, but first we must pray for the president and then demand for true information on his state of health.

Nigeria cannot be in the pocket of some cabal, who were never voted into office to exercise any mandate, but have captitalized on the state of health of the president to take over power, indirectly.

So I call upon the National Assembly and all Nigerians to arise and rescue our nation from this cabal.

God bless Nigeria, but never again should we be ruled by a cabal.

This suffering is three much!

Ebun-olu Adegboruwa



And many have found his post offensive.
Here are comments that trailed the post:



Glorious Victoria:

Don’t celebrate another man’s dead, sickness or downfall, nobody knows tomorrow who ll be the next or how tomorrow ll be. As a christian we should live a Christ like life not religious life.



Fatai Adegbenro:

And what informed your assertion to this statement or what are the ominous signs and symptoms you noticed to have come to such conclusion or again we should just believe in your sentiment?


Ola Bakare:

I want to believe so jare!


Omor Bazuaye:

But the man I saw doing budget presentation in December looks hale and hearty. He read the budget standing for 55 minutes.


Funsho Arogundade:

I think it’s Ebun Olu Adegboruwa that is sick. Look at him properly and intensely, he always wear a dour look like a man in pain. Even many of his claims suggest he’s sickly…


Vîctør Jønâthåñ Êwåëñ:

Buhari should pls just resign


Onxy Oselu:

You know many pastors have predicted that Buhari will not finish the 4 years. Aside from the spiritual point of view, we already knew Buhari is older that his declared age. So, old age comes with many ailments. That was the contraption Tinubu, Obasanjo and others set up for Nigeria.


Watse Ajanor Magotey:

But he presided over NEC meeting


Faruk Ibrahim:

Big fool of the year lol thank God the sick can address the country like fellow Nigeria and health lol


Oyetunde Akanbi Thomas:

If buhari is seriously sick, and the affairs of governing the country is in the hand of a cabal, it can not be outside northern cabal, who are well positioned to carry out northern agenda. It makes no difference to me at all Can buhari do better than what he is doing?. I wish buhari whatever his wish for Nigerian Christians, southern Nigeria in general. Excuse me.


Adedotun Maphy:

seeking recognition…stupid man


Ubong Stephen:

nonsense and obsessively jealous.



Ronke Olisa:

May God heal him,pmb u are heal in Jesus name


Fámilúsì Adémólá Oláyemí:

I see revolution coming…


Babatunde Eletu Abdulkareem:

Mr Ebun-olu Adegboruwa, with all due respect, I think you goofed by not attaching any evidence to this post you just made. Sir you claimed that the world knows about his health status and many Nigerians as well but you failed to publish it so as to buttress your point and show us that you are not among the external cabals misinforming the public so as to gain God knows what.

please sir provide us evidence. shikenan


Omo-Oba Adegbenro Leke:

If the president is truly sick, it’s important Nigerians are informed…that’s the hallmark of true democracy.


Remigius Akinbinu:

If the President can still remain silent by now on the horrendous carnage going on in Southern Kaduna, then I have cause to believe he’s sick.


Matthew Alabi:

Ebun, you are becoming too controversial as far as this government on concerned. You are a lawyer and law deals with evidence. Since you informed us that he is sick, please be kind enough to let us know the ailments and the hospitals treating him abroad. If he is actually sick, he has every right to go for treatment. After all anybody can be sick. There is absolutely no need for unnecessary alarm. We just need to support his good policies and move the country forward.


Tope Ogunyemi:

This is well said.My major concern is an issue of cabal taking over in the absence of the President when we have a co-elected Vice-President whose power/office is reduced to that of Pseudo -Vice President in a country where we claim to have in place constitutional democracy.If really the Vice-President function is hijacked by cabals it means the President and the entire headship plus the nation is sick.Why do we have constitution without obeying the provisions of the constitution?Why do we belong to a nation where a certain tribe want to claim superiority above other tribes to the extent of calling them or their or their evil collaborators cabals?The freedom of information bill should be passed into law and likewise the immunity clause enjoyed by office holder should be removed.When these are done we can now be set to right all forms of corruptions that has affected our land so far


Felix Adewale Ajayi:

Am 100 percent sure that Ebun-olu Adegboruwa is on some sort of medication honestly you need serious prayer and deliverance Nigerians don’t need this sort if information and discouragement may the Lord forgive you and help you. This is total gibberish .


Uche Nnadozie:

Oga, you have started again this year!

On your number 3 above and I quote “All the so-called international trips and state visits embarked upon by the president so far, were meant to attend to his failing health”…

Oga, you are a pastor and a lawyer and you know you lied there yet you want people to believe you?

“ALL” is a lie from hell. You are an alarmist and there’s no place for alarmists like you to be able to effect CHANGES in this modern world.

You cannot use lie and alarm to persuade people. It will backfire. This a democracy sir, not during the military where everything said by “pro-democracy” people were latched on as the gospel truth. Things have changed and you need to change your strategy.

Stop lying. There are many things you can tackle the current regime with that are facts…not this lie.

Its too early in the year.


Adeyemo Joseph:

Mr president went to Gambia, he went to receive medical treatment, he also went for A. U summit, he went to treatment there too. Some times Mr Ebun-olu Adegboruwa confuses me


Bayode Adeniyi:

We are in a terrible mess if this is true. Another Yaradua conundrum?


Attang Uzoma:

But the wife .his better half who supposedly should know better said so that the Govt.has been hijacked from her husband by those who were never there at the beginning and probably have no business to be there or even good intentions as no one listened to her .Rather the slogan of “other room and kitchen “was chorused and orchestrated .Hmmm. The fact is that those who should rise up and talk and make rightful demands are keeping mute .so We have no alternative than to REST OUR CASE WITH SOVEREIGN GOD WHO CAN DO ALL THINGS .We still have FAITH in His Deliverance package . Why??? BECAUSE HE HAS DONE IT IN THE TIME PAST EVEN IN OUR CONTEMPORARY TIMES . SO HE WILL DO IT AGAIN . A little patience .


Yomi Gidado:

Ebun-olu Adegboruwa, it is becoming difficult to understand the basis of your differences with this government. We need evidence based statement on issues. Democracy does not empower an individual to make incendiary statement that is not factual. A lot of caution is needed so that you don’t compromise your integrity, and security. As a friend and brother, I have personally raised this issue with you. Speak to issues in the most intelligible and constructive way. The manner in which you raised your concerns on the health of the President does not portray you as a constructive critic. There is no substance in what you have raised. It is, indeed, puerile to raise this issue when there is no shred of evidence that points to the fact that the President is sick. The truth about the African reality is that nobody goes on this path without getting the attention of a government that is making effort to enhance its legitimacy. You can still be a relevant critic, but certainly this type of criticism will endanger you. This is my honest advice to you as a brother. But you certainly have the discretion to ignore my advice!


Rasheed Garba:

If truly he,president Muhammad buhari is sick,this administration is shaky.

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