Actor Gabriel Afolayan Escorts Musical Thriller, Hoodrush To The Cinemas

Gabriel Afolayan is a fast-rising actor who has also delved into music. He is also a member of the cast of the musical thriller, Hoodrush. In a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly’s TOSIN ODUMOSU he opened up on this and the alleged rift among his brothers.


Why did you take part in this musical thriller?

I am an actor, not many people know that I also sing that was why I decided to explore that other side of me. Right now, I am pushing a single on air, the response has been awesome and I am giving all glory to God.

Acting has always been part of me since my childhood, I have seen my dad perform on stage, I have seen his friends and hat has really influenced my growth in acting. I started acting in 1990.

Was it after Hoodrush that you recorded your first single?

Yes, I released the single for Hoodrush, though we were supposed to do Hoodrush last year but because of some reasons we couldn’t. I am thanking God for everything.

How was working with the cast and crew?

It was interesting. It was a very beautiful experience, everybody wants to take their dream to the next level, everybody is just giving all it takes, so having those people on board was very interesting. We all came to understand the script.

What was the character you played in the movie?

I played the character of the slow and the meek, I was different from my other siblings. I played the character of the younger brother. It was more of a team work, not an individualistic approach. We all did things together.

Why are you keeping so much beards?

I have always liked beards. I like it.

Would you say interpreting the character was easy for you since you had a musician and actor father?

Yes, I would say it was a little easier, it’s just the guidelines I needed. No matter how good you are, you have to listen to little corrections. I was able to see beyond what I usually see when I am acting.

We see Kunle, Aremu and Gabriel Afolayan, and we see you as calm, who exactly are you?

We are brothers, we all have different characters. Gabriel Afolayan is a simple straight-forward person, life makes things happen and you have to accept them, that’s the way I see it. Aremu is somebody that is straight-forward, he would not lie about his situation, he would say his mind at all time. Kunle is a very, principled person. If you don’t know him, you would think he is proud. Some people are just like that, you need to develop a very strong relationship with them before you know who exactly they are. That is Kunle for you and it’s due to one experience or the other.

Aremu produced a movie, Kunle also did, you were in Aremu’s movie and neither you nor Aremu was in Kunle’s movie why?

I need to clear this issue now. Professionalism is one thing, sentiment is another. We are all professionals in this game. Everything Kunle does has always been planned and we are always involved in the planning, especially me. We are always in the production, behind the camera, if you don’t see me in movies it doesn’t mean I was not there. I am usually behind the camera at times. I can now produce a move and even direct it. Aremu would never do any planning without me. We would always see ourselves through one way or the other. We still meet Kunle because he is like a father to us.

Briefly tell us about yourself?

I am a graduate of Theatre Arts from University of Ibadan. I worked in Ibadan for a while. I graduated in 2008 and since then I have been acting. I want to put movie energy into my work because this is more or less my primetime.

Are you in a relationship?

No. Relationship is a no-go area for now. I want to put more energy into my work. It’s all about work now.

When are your movies coming out?

It will be hitting the cinemas very soon. I did one with COGA Entertainment, I also did one with A-List Plus Media and Hoodrush. I am waiting for the premiere of the three movies before the end of the year.


This story was first published in Encomium Weekly edition of Tuesday, July 31, 2012



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