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Actress Dayo Amusa explains why she built a crèche: ‘I have no man in my life’


Role interpreter, Dayo AMusa is neck deep into pushing her new movie, Unforgiveable. The gorgeous actress took time out to chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on her career and her alleged affair with a UK lover in one of the studios at Ogba, Lagos, on Wednesday, August 23, 2013…


What is happening with your career?

I am working on the premiere of my new movie, Unforgiveable. That’s basically what I have been doing.

You’re a good role interpreter, what would you say are the pains and gains?

The gain is the fact that this job has opened certain doors for me and it has given me a platfor to popularity. It has also given me fame and recoginiton. For the pain, that lies in the fact that to some extent, it has taken away some things from me. Also, people have to judge you based on what you do without even knowing you.

Do you have anybody you look up in the industry?

I look up to a lot of people, eveyr artist who has made a statement in the entertainment industry.

Would you say it’s your movie, Dewunmi Iberu that shot you to limelight?


Dewunmi Iberu was a big hit, can you recall how many copies you sold?

Probably my marketer would be able to give a figure but I know it did well in the market.

Tell us about your new movie, Unforgiveable.

It is coming up well. Iti s also creating awareness.

How did you feel working with Desmond Elliot and Mike Ezuruonye?

The fact that I am an actress doesn’t limit me. I can get to whatever level I want. I can extend my network. That I do more of Yoruba movies doesn’t mean everything I do has to do with the Yoruba sector of the entertainment industry.

Desmond is good, I have seen some of his jobs. I am impressed and I feel working together wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Is it going to be strictly for cinema?

I am still going to release it on DVD. Probably that would be after it has made sals in cinema.

It is common knowledge that movies are no longer seling but we see Nollywood actor and actresses buy exotic cars and living big. What’s your view on that?

You might be right, it’s not as if what we are doing is responsbie for our bills but what I have come to understand is that some of us get ourselves involved in few other things, business wise.

What inspired you to open a crèche?

I love kids, I love being around kids. Like I said, some of us try to put our hands into one or two things that can fetch us good money. So, for that reason the area I built the crèche, I felt that there was nothing of such around there and I am sure there are so many working class individuals who have one or two toddlers.

Would you say it is more lucrative than acting?

It’s capital intensive but I won’t it’s not lucrative.

How do you juggle it with acting, or is there someone managing it for you?

I go here often when i am not working. Aside that, my mom’s showroom is very close. I have people working for me. I go there once in a whle to make sure everything is in place.

What does fashion mean to you?

I am a simple person. I am not really a fashion person. To me, fashion is anything I am comfortable with. At tims, my location determines what I wear.

Most of the roles you play are man, is that the kind of person you are?

Do I look mean? I am a no-nonsense person. I don’t take rubbish.

Do you have a phobia for hair because you’re on low cut?

I don’t like weavons. If I am not doing low cut, I like braids. But with the kind of work I do, you can’t keep having what you want because there are some

This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, June 20, 2013



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