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THERE is a drama series that is about to unfold, but unfortunately, it will not be on TV or home video…this drama is slowly unfolding in the homes of a light skinned actress and a married man she has refused to let go of.  Here’s what olofofos who are in the know say, “The wife of the man relocated back to Nigeria from America so as to see how she can quench the fire this actress has set in her husband’s loins but till date she has been unsuccessful.  The wife recently celebrated her 40th birthday and the husband travelled out of town on the day of her party, only for him to show up the next morning to grab some things and return to his love nest.  The man is hardly ever home and if you want to see him, he is at this actress’ house twenty four hours a day.  He now calls her home his home and the wife is crying and running around looking for who will talk sense into her man.” The actress fingered in this drama series is of mixed parentage, very light skinned and very pretty.  Some people swear she cannot act to save her life.  The actress who was nowhere
to be seen of late has recently been spotted at all the films premieres and events in town.  She is single, but was in a long time relationship with a very dark skinned movie maker.  This actress recently won an award in the Terracota Awards.

You want to know this actress?  It’s easy.  She once released an album that flopped so badly.  Her middle name is the same as the past governor of Lagos State.  Her first name begins with the 12th alphabet and ends with the 1st and 14th.  Her last name?  It is simply four letters, begins with the 2nd alphabet and ends near the 8th alphabet.  Please do this maths and whatever answers you arrive at na you sabi.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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