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Actress Funke Akindele denies fibroid tales – Screams, ‘Who is after me?’

FUNKE is pained at the moment by the tales doing the rounds.

The story recently published on the internet concerning her shocked the actress’ fans no doubt.

This is the story, “She was said to have aborted a pregnancy for actor Femi Adebayo, but the source claimed otherwise, stressing that it was the infection that gave her a protruding tummy and not pregnancy as being rumoured.

“She wasn’t pregnant at all, it was the fibroid that made her tummy to be big, but she has operated it. As a matter of fact, it would be good news for her if she is pregnant because the fibroid is said to have affected certain things in her womb.

“She is still taking medications any way, hoping that God will intervene and things will become normal once again.”

We contacted the Jenifa star on Friday, March 4, 2010 to get her own side of the story and this is what her shocked and angry reaction was: “I am really sad about this story.  How can someone just wake up and fabricate such wicked lies?  I am really mad at all these stories popping up.  First, they said I am too proud, and then we were robbed and they said I was raped and now this one. What is all this please? See Stella, I’m ready to take it up. Journalism shouldn’t be practised with bitterness.  I am yet to recover from the shock of this story.  Who is after me?  What have I done wrong?  Why can’t they celebrate my hard work?  When my mum heard of this new story, she said to me, “Funke, God is the one that gives success and no one can take it from you’.

“How can a stupid source sit down and imagine bad things about a fellow human being? The reporter didn’t bother to confirm the story before going to press and had the stupid excuse that my numbers didn’t go through. Excuse me, but that’s a big lie.

“I, Oluwafunke, never had fibroid and will never have in Jesus name. I will not take this story lightly at all.  That’s how one magazine wrote that I was robbed and raped because the fame was getting to my head.  He who God has blessed, no man can curse and who ever is behind this will be punished by God’s Grace.

“Right now, I am focusing on my movie projects and my school of drama to create a platform for up and coming acts and that is more important than getting distractions from false and malicious stories invented overnight.  The reporter who wrote that story is sick and he will be a scapegoat.  He should be ready to bring the reports which confirmed me as having fibroid to court.  I am a lawyer and I know my rights and I know when the line has been crossed and I will seek redress in a court of law”. Our forefathers say that, “Success and distractions are next door neighbours.”

Funke, please, take it easy.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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