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Actress MERCY AIGBE speaks on new flick and MAG Divas Boutique +’I thank God for a dream come true’

Sultry actress, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry, on Sunday, December 7, 2014, officially launched her new baby, MAG Divas Boutique, at Omole Phase1, Ojodu, Lagos. The opening had in attendance family and friends as well as colleagues in the movie industry. In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, she revealed the inspiration behind the birth of MAG Divas, what ladies should expect from the store and many more…


How does it feel that your dream of owning a boutique has come true?

I owe all gratitude to God because without Him, all this would not have been possible. I am indeed very happy and I am doing this because of my love and passion for fashion.

Would you say your love for fashion gave you the inspiration?

Yes. I have a very strong passion for fashion, I love dressing up, looking good, taking pictures as well. I enjoy taking compliments from people. All these put together, informed my going into fashion full time.

How did you come about the name, MAG Divas Boutique?

I got the name from a combination of my names, Mercy Aigbe Gentry and I added the Divas because all my customers are all divas. So, this boutique is meant for all my divas to come looking trendy and stylish.

For how long have you conceived this idea?

I have always known I would go into fashion and that is what I just gave birth to.

A lot of people believe acting no longer pays well, is that one of the reasons you ventured into this business?

Not at all. Although we can be better in the movie industry but we give God the glory. Our major challenge is piracy but I know very soon all that will be curbed, if not totally eradicated. Not that acting is not paying, it is my first love and something I’m passionate about. I just felt it is time for me to do something else that would fetch me more income aside acting. If you look at great men all around the world, they all have more than one source of income.

When people hear about MAG Divas, what should be the first thing that comes to their mind?

The first thing that should come to their mind is a woman who always wants to be at the top of her game in terms of fashion. MAG Divas is the place to shop. If you want to look stylish and trendy, MAG Divas is where you should shop. Aside selling clothes, accessories, shoes and bags, we also sell beauty products, human hairs and many more.

Where do you shop for all your trendy outfits?

Mostly I shop in the UK, US, France, Italy and Turkey.

How much was invested?

Obviously, I spent a lot of money but I won’t disclose how much it gulped. I thank God for making my dream come true.

There are lots of boutiques out there, what stands you out?

What is setting me apart is that personally, I have a strong passion for fashion. So, when you come to MAG Divas you expect all that you have in mind. I have taken my time to pick out all I’m selling at the store because I have studied the needs of my customers. I know what they want and how they want to look. Above all, my things are very affordable, with as low as N200 you can buy something at MAG Divas, knowing that whatever you buy is of top quality and not something you can get anywhere. We also have an in-house stylist who helps you combine whatever you buy at the store, helps you get ready for an event. We also help re-arrange your wardrobe and give you advice on how to style yourself according to your age and much more.

Can you tell us in details what you have in stock?

At MAG Divas, you will find unique, lovely and trendy clothes, shoes, bags, accessories. All kinds of human hair ranging from, Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair. We sell different types of cosmetic brands, beauty and hair products.

Having all these in place, do you see yourself adding a salon to the list?

I can’t say at the moment but I have plans of setting up a makeup studio, so we do not only style for your event but give you a total makeover.

There are reality T.V programmes that cover both styling people and giving them total makeover. Do you intend delving into that?

Of course, in fact we are working on that at the moment. Already, we have shot some scenes and it would be aired on television very soon. This idea was conceived because I felt a lot of people have so many clothes but they do not know how to combine them. So, I shot some episodes which would enable people know more about their fashion sense and improve their lifestyle. On the show, you will learn what suits you and how to dress to a particular event or place.

How challenging was it setting up the boutique?

It was not easy, especially when I had to travel for shopping because I wanted good quality clothes and at the same time, very affordable outfits for my customers. It was very hard for me but I thank God at the end of the day.

How do you want to juggle your boutique, career and family?

I am a strong woman and I know with God on my side I would pull through. I believe I have God behind me. I am surrounded by people who support me in all I lay my hands on especially my husband, mother and family members. I can’t be more grateful to God.


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