Actress Omotunde Ogundimu survives fibroid surgery

YORUBA actress cum film maker, Omotunde Ogundimu, better addressed as Mulika Nkako, who has been battling chronic fibroid for months, is very grateful to God at the moment.  And the reason is not far-fetched.

ENCOMIUM Weekly was informed by an industry source that the thespian has won her battle with the deadly ailment via the surgery she undertook days back.

The surgery, we were told, was at Beach Land Hospital, Arepo, Ogun State.  The beautiful actress who is now the shadow of her old self was discharged on Friday, August 8, 2014, and she has since returned to her Ibafo, Ogun residence where she is recuperating.

The surgery, the source said, cost the pretty mother of three children about N400,000, and the bill was mainly footed by kind-hearted Nigerians within and outside the industry.

“Omotunde Ogundimu is singing God’s praises at the moment.  She was so happy after undergoing a successful surgery to correct her health complications as a result of the acute fibroid she has been down with. I learnt she spent about N400,000, part of which was donated by some good Samaritans in the industry and other caring Nigerians.  She was hospitalized for about 11 days before she was discharged on Friday, August 8, 2014.  She is now in her house in Ibafo, Ogun State, recuperating.

“Although, she can’t be said to be completely fit for now, she needs to rest a lot before she could be back on her feet.  And financially too, she is not there right now.  She still needs help from well meaning Nigerians to take care of further treatment and care of her three children. I am very happy she survived it.  A lot of people had passed on in the cause of that. Now, I learnt she is no longer bleeding profusely.”

Speaking with Ogundimu on Saturday, August 23, 2014, she expressed gratitude to God and well meaning Nigerians who stood by her throughout the trying period.  She prayed Almighty God will bless them and identify with them all in time of their needs.

“I am so happy, my brother.  I thank all the people that came to my aid, including you and other media practitioners.  May God bless you all.  May you never face any predicament of such, I really appreciate you all.

“It’s a very pathetic experience, but now it’s a success story.  I need to be very grateful to God because a lot of people had died because of that.  Now, I have stopped bleeding.  Everything concerning my womb is normal now.  I can eat and sleep well now.  It’s only that I am not yet strong.  I still need to recover the lost energy before I can do anything again.  I can’t go to location. I am just at home since I was discharged from the hospital some days back. But above all, I give special thanks to God that restored my health.  The experience during the surgery was not funny at all. I never knew I would survive it.  I will forever be grateful to God.”




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