Actress SALOME EKETUNDE recaps life and times of late father

ACTRESS and costumier, Salome Eketunde lost her dad a couple of days ago.  Chief Simeon Omoyoju Ikuelogbon was 90 before he passed on.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with the mother of one child on life and times of her father, burial plans and sundry issues.

Accept our condolence on the demise of your father.

Thank you very much.

How and when did it happen?

It happened in September 2013.  I cannot remember the exact date now. He had a brief illness, we rushed him to the General Hospital in Ondo but he eventually gave up.

What was the nature of the sickness?

It is old age related, Baba was quite old before he passed on. He was 90.

What will you miss about him?

My father was a good man. I will miss his company and advice.  I have some half brothers and sisters but he didn’t segregate.  He treated us equally.

When last did you see him before he passed on?

I saw him last  three years ago but we talked on phone always.  He was really a strong man.  We were planning his 90th birthday party before he passed on.  He had even told us he wanted us to celebrate his 90th birthday for him.  But he didn’t live to witness that day.

How will you describe him?

He was a father, I would even call him a king, he was trustworthy.  If you kept money with him, you would get the money in the exact denomination you gave him.  A lot of people have attested to the fact that he was honest and loyal to a fault.  He was a father to everybody.

Can you recall the best advice he ever gave you?

He usually told us that you should not move close to what you wouldn’t eat, let alone smelling it.

What about the burial arrangement?

It’s going to be a carnival like ceremony, starting from Wednesday, October 29 through Friday, November 1, 2013 in Ondo.  He was Chief Agbidi of Apoi land in Ondo State.

What was he doing before he passed on?

He was a musician, though not a recording artiste but a performing artiste.  He performed at events. He was also a timber merchant.

Is any of his children taking after him career-wise?

Maybe music wise, I am into music. In fact, most of his children can sing but one of his children is a professional artiste.

What about your mom?

She is fine, though she is also old as well.  She is over 80.  She is based in Lagos, she was a traditional midwife before she quit active service.


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