Actresses explain reasons they veered into business -Aisha Abimbola (Aisha Cuisine)

When did you start business?

I started trading when I was in school.  I had to sponsor myself through school, so, I was selling ladies wears and undergarment.  Later, I moved to selling lace and general clothing material.  During my youth service, I was selling jewelry.  Even when I travelled abroad, I tried to sell this or that.  Once it is a good business, you don’t have to do anything illegal, selling your body and stuff.  I am good to go, I also run a catering business too.

What informed the decision to go into business?

I don’t want to be a liability.  I want to be able to pay my bills without looking at anybody.  The only way not to be vulnerable is to be independent.  Depending on people has exposed a lot of ladies to sexual harassment.  It is better to do something meaningful for a living.  There are opportunities everywhere.

Can you recall your initial capital?

My uncle gave me N2,000 back then.  I had so much on me, so I decided to buy undies with part of the money.  From then, I continued selling assorted articles.

Will you say business is affecting your career?

It doesn’t affect me a bit.  I sell to people I come in contact with.  I look out for people’s needs and try to meet those needs.

How are you juggling the two?

Thank God for the people living with me.  I have my sister with me, she assists me.  I market my things on social media.  My sister will go for delivery and collect the money or they pay into my account.  Like I told you, I sell to people I meet on my way.  So, it is quite easy for me

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