Actresses explain reasons they veered into business -Empress Njamah

When did you start business?

Professionally, I will say 10 years ago.

What informed the decision to go into business?

A lot of people like what I wear.  They like the way I combine my colours.  Their encouragement and advise made me go into business.

Can you recall your initial capital?

It was not about the gain.  I just started from helping friends to decorate their rooms.  It was an unconscious thing.  I didn’t set apart any amount of money to start business.

Will you say business is affecting your career?

It is affecting it positively.  I usually work alongside business.  I built the clothing line within four years and was still acting.  We are also working on the shoes line too.

How are you juggling the two?

You need to put hard work into business for it to grow.  If I am not on location, I am back to my business.  I just finished from location a couple of days ago, they had to wait for months because I had to sort out certain things for my business.  You just have to juggle the two well by planning adequately.

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