Actresses explain reasons they veered into business -Iyabo Ojo (FESPRIS)

APART from gracing our television screens and cinemas, our movie divas are also good entrepreneurs, employers of labour, making cool money without depending on the male folks.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with some actresses who are into business on why they veered into it.

When did you start business?

I started business in 1998.  I opened a mini mart but closed it after two years.  I re-opened in 2003, and since then, I have not looked back.

What informed the decision to go into business?

It is a gift from God.  The drive comes from God.  Business is for people who are not lazy.  I like to multiply whatever I have, that has kept me going.  I also get inspiration from successful entrepreneurs.  I am an independent minded person.  I don’t beg for money.  I can remember that after closing my mini mart, I had to look for a paid job.  I couldn’t sit down idle.

Can you recall your initial capital?

I started my mini mart with N150,000.  It was my father that gave me the money.

Will you say business is affecting your career?

No, it hasn’t.  I started business when I was young.  If you are business minded, you have to plan your day, you have to learn how to be very organized.  I also tell people they have to treat their staffers right.  Be nice to them so that when you are not around, they will take care of your business.

How are you juggling the two?

I try to work things out.  It can be tiring at times, moving from location to your place of business but you have to keep it and work things out.




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