Actresses explain reasons they veered into business – Nike Peller

When did you start business?

I started business before acting.  I like buying and selling.  While I was in school, I was selling jewelry, aso oke.  When I started acting, I moved to selling bed sheets, duvet, shoes, bags.  I am into rentals now, I do a lot of things.

What informed the decision to go into business?

You cannot sit down idle or just say you are into acting alone.  You have to empower yourself so you wouldn’t depend on people.

Can you recall your initial capital?

I can’t really remember how much I started with.

Will you say business is affecting your career?

No, it doesn’t affect my acting career.  I don’t stay all day on location if I don’t have anything doing there.

How are you juggling the two?

I try to juggle it.  Since I am into rentals, my colleagues know how to get in touch when they need certain items from me.

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