Actresses on their music venture

A few of our actresses are serious about their music adventure. And two of them -Ronke Oshodi-Oke and Cossy Orjiakor – highlighted their efforts at making it in music…

‘I see myself as an entertainer’-RONKE OSHODI-OKE

Multi-talented Yoruba actress, Ronke Ojo, popularly known as Ronke Oshodi Oke, who has starred in over 50 movies is one of the actresses to have ventured into music .

Ronke Oshodi began her music career in 2014, the same year, she launched her debut album, at Times Square, Ikeja, Lagos. In 2015, she released a single entitled Ori Mi featuring 9ice.

During a phone interview with Ronke Ojo she spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly on her music career…

How would you describe your music career?

My music is universal, it is something that could be heard by different people irrespective of their background or understanding.

What made you venture into music?

I see myself as an entertainer, and as an entertainer you entice your fans in different ways. One doesn’t have to be stagnant in a particular thing. I have been acting for 18 years so I decided to try a new thing. My fans already know me for acting so I thought if I just pop out with something new they will be amazed about, Ronke is not only good at acting but can sing, let us see what she can offer.” I didn’t go into it cause of the money, not at all. It’s just all about entertainment not disappointing your fans and not getting boring. Music is something everyone can hear, one cannot watch a movie while driving but while driving one can listen to music, so universality matters. I am coming up with a comedy show so I am all about entertainment that is why I went into music.

If you were to choose between music and acting which would you pick?

I just got into music, I am let’s say five percent into music so that is a hard one to say, but right now I would choose Acting. Maybe in the future… We don’t know what would happen.

‘I went into music because I love singing’ -COSSY ORJIAKOR

A naturally endowed actress, known for a popular movie (Anni) 2005, is also one of the actresses that have gone into the music industry at one point in her career. Though this actress has a sonorous voice, it was obviously not enough  to give her a hit in the music industry . She has recorded a couple of songs and also shot videos, but they were not enough to guarantee her success. One of her songs is entitled, Me and You. At a brief interview with Cossy she revealed to ENCOMIUM Weekly her music adventure…

How would you describe your music career?

My career as a musician is going at a pace I set. So far I am happy with my accomplishment. Besides, it’s not a competition.

What made you venture into music?

I went into music because I love singing, even acting. I went into it because I loved it, so whatever I do irrespective of the career choice whether movies…music and all, I do them for love.

If you were to choose between music and acting which would you?

I have been in the movie industry for over 10 years and I have brought changes and also made a significant impact to the industry.


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