Ade Love’s children set to celebrate 20 years of his departure

+Why I have not been in the limelight as one of his sons –Ibukun Afolayan

Ibukun Afolayan needs no introduction. Once you see him, you would know he is one of Ade Love’s children because of the resemblance. He is a gospel artist and the brain behind IB Kord Entertainment. His album Confirmation will soon hit the street in a couple of weeks. He and his siblings are set to celebrate 20 years memorial of their father, a veteran actor. ENCOMIUM Weekly took him on this and much more.


The Afolayans are quite popular, why did it take this long to come out?


Late Ade Love

On my Facebook wall I wrote, “It took this long but I am finally here”. I do gospel.  My brothers in the entertainment industry are into secular aspect of entertainment. Gospel music is not just for anybody. I have been to companies for sponsorship but they insisted they don’t do gospel. It is all about getting money to do it. People wouldn’t want to put their money down when it comes to gospel. I also believe it is God’s time, so that is why I am here.

Are you from the same mother with Kunle, Aremu and Gabriel?

No, we are from different mothers; Kunle is my elder brother, while Aremu and Gabriel are younger.

How close are you to Kunle and his brothers?

They are all supposed to be here. Gabriel is on location in Ibadan, Aremu is not in the country. My big brother Kunle is running around for the 20th year remembrance of our dad. My elder sister Moji lives in Ibadan. Gabriel is doing a short clip that I will post much later in the evening. They are all in full support of my career.

Ade Love passed on  20 years ago, how much do you know about your dad?

I was not all that young when he died. I had some relationship with him. He was a principled and great man. He was like a god in his time. In the latter part of his life, he tried to come closer to his children.

Would you say your father’s name has opened doors for you?

It has done a lot. I have been hiding from that identity but of recent some people got to know that I am Ade Love’s son. That name got me this venue. When I took the letter to the authorities, he asked me Omo baba nie. Your father was a good man, so you are into gospel music. I will support but your father had a lot of wives! Don’t worry, I will help you and he signed and gave me the go ahead.

A woman also called me, she was screaming, “I learnt you are Ade Love’s son, I am supposed to be your mother, I was supposed to marry your father”. My late dad affected many lives, we are all reaping from that now.

But your father had many wives, how many are they really?

My father had many wives, he didn’t just do that because he wanted to. In the olden days, film production is not like now. There are sponsors now unlike before, they gather women to help in their production. My mom is the third to the last.

How many children?

We are many. If you check our Facebook recently, you might be able to guess. I still have about seven younger ones behind me. But don’t ask me how many elder ones I have.

Would you say coming from an entertainment background influenced your music career?

Definitely the blood runs in my vein, some of my brothers are into movie making.  Music is me. I studied Civil Engineering at the Federal Polytechnic, Offa, but music is the only thing you wouldn’t pay me and I will not be angry about. It put food on my table too.

You said money was part of the reason you didn’t come out to the lime light since, money shouldn’t be an issue coming from your background really?

Being an Afolayan does not mean money can’t possibly be an issue.  Project handling requires a lot of money. Even Dangote has money challenge at his level but my family is supportive of what I am doing today. They are also my backbone, most importantly, I believe everything is coming at the right time.

So, tell us about your album?

The title of the album is Confirmation. It is a collection of songs I have gathered over the years. When I was young, I wanted to be like my father, I used to pray that my voice would be like his. When he died, everything seems bleak for all the children but we thank God that he made a way for us all . Thank God he also confessed Christ before he died. I knew I would be a singer, in fact the only thing my father beat me for was the fact that I was drumming behind his window.

I have 11 tracks in my album. I am planning to put another track which I would dedicate to my father, it is his song (he released some records), and I am working at remixing it.

How do you draw inspiration for your songs?

God is the source of all inspiration. No matter what, the Holy Spirit also inspires me. Since I started professionally in 2008, he has not let me down.

Are you planning at doing more remix of your father’s songs?

Yes, by God’s grace.

Tell us more about your father’s 20th anniversary remembrance?

I wouldn’t let the whole cat out of the bag yet. My elder ones would soon talk about it. It is happening both in Lagos and my home town, Agbamu in Kwara state. Thursday December 15 and Tuesday December 27, 2016.



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