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Adeniji-Adele’s younger brother recounts his last days in India

Following the passing away of politician and technocrat, Prince Ademola Adeniji Adele in India on Thursday, May 5, 2016, of heart attack, family members are currently making funeral arrangements.
The former local government chairman of Lagos Island and Commissioner for Sports was in India to see specialists on the kidney procedure he had three years ago.
However, after surviving the new procedure on his kidney, he died few days after of a sudden heart attack. spoke with his younger brother, Prince Adelani Adeniji- Adele on the circumstances surrounding his brother’s demise.
We want to express our condolence on the death of your elder brother , Prince Ademola Adeniji – Adele.
Thank you very much.
When last did you speak with him ?
I spoke with him on Tuesday morning when he was going for the surgery.
What exactly did you discuss with him?
He was advising me to look after my health , to take care of myself and take care of my family. We couldn’t discuss much because the line went bad.
What was his disposition when you were discussing ? Was he in high spirits?
Yes , he was high . He was full of hope that he would come out of the surgery alive and come back home. He didn’t want to die . He was even asking me to pray for him. Papa wanted to live . Because after the surgery , the second day or third he woke up . He was conscious , he did everything .
What would you then say happened that caused his death!
I wouldn’t know because I was not on ground there but, I was told that he had a heart attack on the third day after he was tested . He was tested some few hours before he had heart attack all of a sudden and they couldn’t revive him.
What is the family planning to do now ?
We have a tentative plan because the corpse is yet to leave India . Anytime the corpse leaves India we will know the time of its arrival at least it will take two days. When the corpse arrive it will be brought to his house in Festac . The following day the corpse will be taken to the family house in Lagos Island, where he would be given the honour that he deserves. From there, around 2pm or 3pm , the Imams from from the Central Mosque will offer final prayers before the corpse will be taken to Abari burial ground for burial .
-Tolani Abati for

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