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Adenuga on auto cruise, now worth $11.1 billion

Dr. Michael Adenuga,Jnr., is on automatic cruise, increasing his networth effortlessly in the last few weeks. Today (Wednesday, April 20, 2016), the chairman of Conoil and Globacom has increased his fortunes to $11.1 billion, making additional $100 million in one day, checks revealed.

The 62 year old mogul fondly called the guru has astounded close watchers of Forbes rich list, breaking records and garnering more fans as he catapulted from $2.8 billion, his lowest, to $11.1 billion in less than two months.

Today, Africa’s second richest man is at number 104 on the list.

Previously under valued because some of his investments are not listed on the stock exchange, the Ogun state born billionaire educated in the United States of America is the man of the moment.

With investments in telecoms, oil and gas, banking, property and more, ADENUGA has long been adulated as a man of means who knows how to turn ideas into big business. Even as a student, he was making big money trading in commodities.

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