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Adewale Ayuba extra: ‘Fuji is not about religion’

Veteran Bonsue fuji exponent, Adewale Ayuba has debunked the rumours that he said, ‘I thought I would be killed when I converted to Christianity’ which a lot of people believed he was referring to muslims. The Fuji Bubble Master, Adewale Ayuba was said to have given a testimony during a Sunday thanksgiving at Redeemed Christian Church of God, where he shared the story of how he became a Christian in 2010. He also revealed that after Imam’s prayed for him, he would still go upstairs to read and pray with a Bible.

In a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, he opened up on the rumour and more…


Now that you have declared publicly that you are a Christian, what is special about it?

Thank God that you said what is special. Nothing is special about it. I gave a testimony in my church. I don’t know who posted it on social media. I did not do it to hurt anybody. God says that if you appreciate, I will give you more. A lot of people give testimonies. I don’t know who spread the testimony I gave in church. My career matters to me.

I have been practicing Christianity since 2010. I just gave a testrominy of my breakthrough because I told God that if He helped me achieve what I asked, I would praise Him openly with a testimony. I have done a video which people misquoted me. My parents are muslims, 99 percent of my fans are muslims. I am not going to start doing gospel music, people misquoted me.

But we heard that you posted on Twitter that you thought you would be killed when you converted to Christianity?

Can you imagine, when I am not sick, Why would I post such a thing. I was simply talking to my God and not to anyone. I never called any muslim a killer. Nobody should turn my testimony around, that I am fighting muslims.

My parents are still muslims and my son. I am not changing my name, I am still Ayuba. I am still a fuji artiste, religion has nothing to do with my career. A lot of people have called me over this issue. I only said if my parents hear that I am reading the Bible, they will kill me. It’s a normal thing to say. For example, if my parents hear that I am a smoker, they will kill me, anybody can say that.

A lot of people are speculating that your wife influenced you because she is Christian?

A lot of bloggers want heavy traffic on their blogs. I still love muslims. I belong to everybody both muslims and Christians. My wife is a Christian but she didn’t influence me. I am the head of my house and I take decisions. I don’t mean any harm.

What are you working on currently?

I have just opened a digital and analog studio. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister of blessed memory told me that I should rebrand fuji music, so as to digitalise it. We don’t do singles, but now we want to start dropping singles, doing beautiful videos. Fuji artistes will start doing collabor-ations like other genres.


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