African Women Summit

Arrangements are reaching conclusive stages for the African Women Summit (AWS), a world forum on emancipation and advancement of the African Girl Child, it is geared towards creating partnership avenues with UN agencies on eradication of victimization and violence against the feminine gender.
To be held at the United Nations Headquarters, New York, USA on July 24and 25, the project is an initiative of Ideas Warehouse in collaboration with the Consulate of Nigeria, New York, U.S.A and the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, Nigeria.
Africa’s Top Female CEOs, female presidents and first ladies, Nigeria’s First Ladies, 2nd ladies, heads of agencies and women in governance are expected to grace the events as Africa’s leading advocates of the social, physical and educational well-being of the African woman.
In a statement, the organisers said African women have been made to believe the myth that they are second-class citizens and that their primary constituency is in the kitchen. Giant strides and rapid re-positioning of increasing number of African women in recent years has however proven this old myth wrong.
In a press statement by CEO of Heartlink Group, the Nigerian Consulting partners, Kemi Otegbade says “it is a world forum where concerned women will brainstorm to devise strategies for sustainable and enduring projects that will be beneficial to the female gender, at large, but specifically for African women.”
The statement said the forum is aimed at capitalising “on the increasing sensitivity to the plight of African Women and to draw global focus to the need for world intervention and support that will empower the African Woman to optimize her growth potentials.”
It continued, “to position Nigeria in global consciousness as a committed advocate for the advancement of the well-being of African women and seek opportunities for synergy with International women bodies for aids and support of the emancipation of the African girl child especially Nigeria.
“To provide an enabling environment for leading African women to discuss, in an atmosphere of camaraderie, the need to focus on the well-being of the female gender.”
It said, “the forum will also provide some leading African women in the Diaspora an opportunity to interface and interact with their counterparts in Africa.
“The battle to protect and empower African Women for the future requires the mobilization of all, including those that can bring in new idea, for the purpose of enhancing the capacity for sustainable and enduring development.
“Opening up of the plight of African women to a global audience and thereby ensuring fair consideration concerns.

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