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After 16 years, Nigerians demand more dividends of democracy

Not satisfied with what they got after 16 years of democratic rule, Nigerians are asking for dividends of democracy from the new administration.

Expressing their views with our reporters, many decried the poor state of infrastructure, poverty, corruption, among other woes troubling the nation.


‘What we have had in Nigeria are bad leaders, not bad system’ – DAVID DINBAI

For me, I have come to realize that it is not about the system of government of a country. Rather, it is about the people in the system. Look at the civilized world. For instance, Britain practices parliamentary system, while America practices presidential system, yet they are successful nations.

We should not be overly concerned about the system, but the people that make it up. We could have a military head that will bring developmental change far more than a democratically elected one. What we have had in Nigeria are bad leaders, not bad system.

‘No dividends at all’ – OLUREMI ISAAC

No dividends at all. All we see in Nigeria is regression .Things have to change fast. May God help the new administration.


‘Democratic rule has been very underwhelming…’ – EMEKA ORIEKE

Democratic rule has been very underwhelming, disappointing to put it in proper perspective. We all had high hopes that our liberation had come when Abubakar handed over to Obasanjo in 1999. Little did we know that our problems were only just beginning.

We have leaders who lack ideas and have not moved us forward despite the abundant resources of the country. In that sense, yes democracy has not favoured us.


‘There is nothing to write home about’ – LOWO ADEGBENRO

16 years of democracy in Nigeria, yet there is nothing to write home about. Every well meaning Nigerian knows nothing is working. Even when we all thought that with the coming of former President Goodluck Jonathan, there would be an atmosphere of change but the reverse was the case.

Every sector has been down for years. Our resources were poorly managed. Everything in the country is always to the advantage of the rich, while the poor become poorer by the day.

The naira is weak, inflation is skyrocketing, no light everywhere except in government houses, infrastructure remain poor. So, what have we gained apart from freedom of speech that has yielded nothing.


‘It’s difficult to say this is what we have been enjoying in Nigeria’ – ZAINAB ASIFAT

It’s difficult to say this is what we have been enjoying in Nigeria’s 16 years of democracy. We all hoped for the better when the military handed over to civilians in 1999. And the then president, Olusegun Obasanjo gave us some element of serious governance at the beginning but along the line, he became confused and we’re back to square one.

Although, to me, he tried his best to keep the country together irrespective of our diversities, his best was not all satisfactory. And since then, the nation has not witnessed any major development in all the sectors. Is it education or health? If there are good public schools, parents won’t be working all their lives paying school fees.

If care is not taken, you will just discover that all your income is spent on school fees and nothing else will be achieved. And before you know it, time won’t be on your side again. So, when are you going to start enjoying your life? But if we have a government that has the interest of the masses as its overriding objective, we won’t have any reason to suffer. We still have a long way to go. No fuel, no light, poor health service, bad roads except in Abuja, yet we all believe democracy is the best government.

The only hope left for us now is Buhari. If he also fails, that means Nigeria may find it difficult to get out of its problems unless a miracle happens.


‘Nothing is free in Nigeria’ – MR. MICHAEL ACHU

I have benefited nothing because I pay my bills and nothing is free from the government. No tax free or free education.

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