Not satisfied with what they got after 16 years of democratic rule, Nigerians are asking for dividends of democracy from the new administration.

Expressing their views with our reporters, many decried the poor state of infrastructure, poverty, corruption, among other woes troubling the nation.


‘It’s a gradual process’ – KOREDE OMOTOYE

I can’t really say I am satisfied or happy with where we are today in this country despite all the promises. But we are making progress; they are baby steps. What I am most impressed about is that after 16 years, Nigerians are beginning to really grasp the idea of democracy and that we really have the power to effect change.

Nigerians are catching up with our counterparts in developed countries-it is gradual.


‘Democracy is preferable to military’ – FAVOUR EMMANUEL

Of course, democracy is preferable to military for a lot of reasons. The only reason you as a journalist has this kind of freedom you have to work is because we are in a democratic dispensation. If it were military, you can’t be a journalist or you would be working for the government.

So, yes we’ve had challenges and we are moving at a slow pace, but there is no way military is better. The most advanced countries practice democracy, what does that tell you? It is the way forward for any country.


‘There is nothing we are enjoying as a nation’ – KAYODE AGBETUNDE

There is no dividend of democracy. There is nothing we are enjoying as a nation. May be, this government will get it right.


‘Nigerians have not enjoyed anything at all as far as I am concerned’ – OBINA NDIDI

Nigerians have not enjoyed anything at all as far as I am concerned. Every now and then, we cry of no light, water and fuel. And all these are basic needs of the people. We’re not asking for too much but our leaders have constantly turned deaf ears to our yearnings.

Even, that’s one of the very reasons Jonathan was voted out of office. Nigerians are tired of misrule. But now, government has changed hand, we all believe Buhari will transform the country. And if he also fails to do so, four years will soon be over, we will definitely vote him out as we did to Jonathan. May God help this government.


’16 years of democracy in Nigeria have yielded nothing…’ – YETUNDE ABIOYE

We have not enjoyed enough dividends of democracy at all compared to what obtains in other countries with less resources than Nigeria. 16 years of democracy in Nigeria have yielded nothing but corruption, impunity, executive recklessness and self-centredness. Our roads are still not good.

There is no stable electricity and water supply. Also, education and health services are nothing to write home about. So, what are we saying?

An average Nigerian can’t afford quality food three times in a day. We will just be praying for God to touch the minds of those in power now so that they can remember the poor in the scheme of things.


‘We have not enjoyed dividends of democracy in the past 16 years’ – OLUSHOLA OLANIYI

I won’t say I’ve enjoyed dividends of democracy in the past 16 years but I must concede that democratic government brought us GSM, consolidating the banks and making some attempt to tackle corruption through EFCC.

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