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Aftermath of Hajj stampede: Iranian protesters blame Saudi authorities

Over 719 pilgrims died and scores  injured on Thursday, September 24, 2015, while observing this year’s Hajj in Mecca (Saudi Arabia).  The incident occurred at Mina, a place where mulsim faithful throw stones at large pillar signifying the devil.

In a statement by the Saudi health Minister ,Khaled al-Falih, he said: “This type of accident could have been avoided. It’s is God’s will.”  He also blamed victims for failing to follow instructions.

From the deaths recorded, 131 were Iranian nationals.

This has led to pilgrims and Muslim groups in Iran to protest the negligence of Saudi authorities during the Hajj.

The group hit back at Saudi officials, accusing them of closing two key roads and this created two blockages. This was because the King and his palace was receiving dignitaries at that time.


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