Again, Chris Erondu gives De’Vogue uplifts

For the second time in less than three years, one of the most sought after night clubs on the Mainland, De Vogue in Opebi, Lagos, is once more going through some upgrade in a bid to live up to yearnings of customers and fun seekers as well as what is obtainable in world class night clubs.

The former Page Night Club which has since inception maintained its standard with regular renovation and uplifts is again at it. It will be recalled, the club was shut-down for about three months two years ago when the place was given upgrade and the name changed.

This time around, the club’s boss, Chris Erondu decided not to close down the club before renovation based on popular demand by customers.

Hence, the management of the club has decided to do the renovation in phases. One of the three main dancing and bar is presently under upgrade. Mr. Erondu said the other two will follow after completion of the first one in a bid to accommodate customers on club days. Work is expected to last for about four weeks to give the two main dancing halls a real upgrade and also the VIP.

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