Again, Globacom tops internet subscribers’ gainers’ chart in February 

Continuing its steady winning streak in the last one year, Nigeria’s next generation network, Globacom, has topped the winners chart in the area of new internet subscriber acquisition for the month of February, 2016. 

The latest data released by the industry regulator over the weekend showed that while many other major telecommunications operators lost internet subscribers in the month of February, Globacom added a total of 248,593 new internet subscribers. 


According to the report, Globacom grew its 25,436,244 internet subscribers in January to 25,684,837 in February.


Following in Globacom’s trail, Airtel also grew its subscribers by 224,037 in February. It had 16,855,609 in January and a total of 17,079,646 in February. 


Etisalat lost 52,251 internet subscribers in the month under review moving from a total of 15,283,903 in January to 15,231,652 in February.


On its part, MTN lost 2,614,489 million internet subscribers in February, after its 38,218,859 million internet users in the month of January was depleted to 35,604,370 in February.


Industry-wide, a total of 2,194,110 internet subscribers were lost as a total number of 95.94 million subscribers browsed the internet through the networks in January, while a total of 93.75 million remained on the networks in the month of February.


The data showed that of the 93.75 million internet users in February, 93.6 million were on GSM networks, while 150,125 users were on the CDMA.


The data released by the regulator also revealed that the CDMA operators (Multi-Links and Visafone), had a joint total of 150,125 internet users on their networks in February. 


Visafone maintained 149,953 customers surfing the internet in February. Multi-Links on its part had 172 internet users in February, losing 52 customers from the January record of 224 users.


It would be recalled that Globacom has consistently won the lion share of all the new internet subscribers added by all the telecom operators since last year according to the monthly reports published on the website of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).


In January Globacom led in new subscriber acquisition with a total of 354,178 subscribers joining its internet customer base. 


The figure represented 94.7 percent of the total number of 373,835 new internet customers acquired by all the four major operators in the country. 


An analysis of the previous 12 months showed that Globacom added a total of 7,251,657 new internet users, representing 53 percent of the total 13.644 million new customers who subscribed to internet services of the four major operators. Etisalat came a distant second with a total of 5,431,190 new internet customers, while Airtel finished third with 961,548 new data customers in the 12 months period.


MTN, on its part, recorded a net loss of 1,059,160 data subscribers in the same period, as more data subscribers left the network than those who joined it.

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