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Agege-Pen Cinema planned demolition unsettles traders, residents

Now that it has become a reality that many structures will have to pave way for the Agege flyover soon to be constructed by Lagos state government, many traders and residents of the area have been gripped by panic as the status erected at the roundabout was demolished yesterday, Thursday, November 24, 2017, leaving some doubting Thomases among the people in the vicinity in dilemma as to where to relocate to in spite of the long time notice given to them. visited the place today, Friday, November 25, 2017, and had a chat with few shop owners there who expressed unhappiness as the project will not only affect their business negatively but may leave them in a deep trauma forever.

According to Mrs. Adetola, “Now that it’s obvious that we must quit this place latest December this year, it’s really going to affect our business. It won’t stop at that, it will affect everything in our lives. It’s not a small pain because most of us have been here for more than 20 years. Where do we go now?”

Also, one Alhaji Yahyah who corroborated the earlier submission also lamented, “In fact, we’re all confused at the moment. Most of us thought the demolition will be March next year, not knowing it’s going to begin fully soon. As you can see, they have dismantled the roundabout and that’s why there’s heavy vehicular traffic all over the place. I don’t know where to move to now. The same thing happened to them at Abule Egba when the similar project started. No one is against such a development, but the government should have made adequate provision for us before the construction starts at all.” And I learnt it’s going to last a year or more before it’s completed. With the way they’re digging every place around here, I am sure many buildings, including the police station, Zenith Bank, Tastee Fried Chicken will be consumed. It’d surely going to be traumatic for most of us, especially those who’re not prepared for it.”



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