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Agege Residents still live in fear over bomb scare

Despite the fact that Lagos state government and the state Police Command have allayed the fear over likelihood of bomb explosion in Agege as a result of the suspected explosives dropped in the manholes within the vicinity, a couple of days back, the residents of the area are still in palpable fear.
On Thursday, January 19, 2017, visited the environment and had a chat with some of the residents who expressed panic on the issue, calling on the government to still beef up security in the area and Lagos as a whole not only because of the occurrence at Akilo area but the fear in the land that some of the Boko Haram insurgents have found their way into Lagos and south west generally.

‘We’re still in fear’ – AGBELERE ISIAKA

“Although, the police had come and found out that the thrash dropped in the manholes was not an explosive as earlier peddled, we can’t still sleep with our two eyes closed. We still live in fear. So, there’re is need for us to be vigilant at all times, even during the day. Our environment here is very sensitive because of the population of the northerners. Although, most of them have been co-habiting with us for decades, what of the new entrants among them that one can’t vouch for? So, there  is still need for us to be more vigilant and careful.”

‘We still need to be more security conscious’ – ISAAC BENARD

“It’s over 20 years I have been in this shop. This is the place I trade since I came to Lagos. And people here are from different ethnic backgrounds. Most of us, including Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Ijaw, Ilaje, Urhobo, Itsekiri and others have been living together for many years without any problem. But what we heard on Monday that some people passed and dropped explosive generated fear and suspicion that some Boko Haram might be around as being speculated. But when the police came and assured us that what was found in the hole was just a thrash, it doused the tension a little. But despite that, people still feel insecure due to the dastardly activities of these insurgents in the north. And now that they have been sent out of their den in Sambisa, Borno, there is likelihood of them spreading to other states, especially Lagos where people from the north troop in daily. So, Lagos state government needs to work more on security and ensure those new entrants are thoroughly checked before allowing them in.”

‘It may be false alarm, but we can’t sleep yet’ – SANUSI AUDU

“They later told us it’s a false alarm, but we can’t sleep yet. We need to be watchful of the people passing. Most of us in Isale Oja here are like brothers and sisters and we have been together for long. None of us here can be involved in anything like that but what of those people coming from the north for the first time? How do we identify Boko Haram members among them? We thank the police for their quick response to the matter. If not, a lot of peopled might have even killed themselves before death itself arrives.”


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