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Agege residents unmoved over planned demolition of houses for the proposed construction of Agege bridge


Residents and shop owners in Agege and its environs (Lagos) are not disturbed over the rumoured planned demolition of houses to make way for the construction of Agege Bridge.
In an opinion poll conducted by ENCOMIUM Weekly, the people are at peace tending to their daily activities, and are not having sleepless nights over the rumoured demolition taking place soon.
We gathered the planned demolition would commence before the end of 2017, and a replica of Abule Egba Jubilee Bridge would be constructed in Agege.
According to information pierced together by ENCOMIUM Weekly, Zenith Bank, Tastee Fried Chicken, Police Station, some shops and part of the estate located at Pen Cinema would be affected.
Here are responses of people we spoke with…

It is a good thing if the government constructs a bridge here, but it will affect our market. On my part, I will move to Agege for sometimes until they finish the construction of the bridge, before I can now return.

The case of construction of Agege bridge will really affect we residents, but the only thing government can do for us, is to give us something or create another place for us.

That is how they constructed Abule Egba bridge, it’s not new. Residents will complain and after the construction they would be happy about the development. But the truth is that, it will really affect everybody, but after sometime we are going to enjoy the bridge.

It is their problem, if they wish to do the bridge that doesn’t concern me. But all I heard is rumour, I don’t believe. Where do they want us to go? There are shops and houses, people have been living there for 20 to 25 years. It will really affect so many people, including me. Even if the government decides to give us something, it will not be like our houses.

It is a good developement but they should not destroy the buildings they are not using, like Agbule-Egba. They destroyed some buildings and now they don’t make use of the space. They should try to use the minor
space they need.


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