Agony of Ajigijaga’s wife, Zainab: ‘I never granted any interview’ – Rasheed  Sanni

HOWEVER, on Sunday, September 27, 2015, ENCOMIUM Weekly also had a chat with Rasheed Sanni, known as Emir of Fuji, on the naming ceremony and alleged accommodation palaver between himself and his late father’s wife, Zainab and he expressed deep gratitude to God for the success of the naming.  But he swiftly denied granting any Yoruba magazine an interview on his father’s wife ordeal concerning accommodation let alone causing any crisis between them as she has never disturbed him on any issue of such.

He, however, enjoined the public to disregard the story as there is no iota of truth in it.

“We thank God for the success of the naming of my father’s last born which held on Monday, September 21, 2015.  Although, it was low key, we’re satisfied with the turn out.  I am still planning for elaborate one that will come up later.

“Concerning the issue of accommodation for my father’s wife, the woman has never disturbed me for anything.  It’s true she now lives in her mother’s house in Sango pending the time we will secure a new place for her.  I never granted any Yoruba magazine any interview of such.  I don’t talk anyhow.  I am not even used to granting interviews.  So, I don’t know where they got the story.  In fact, it’s a shock to me because I am hearing that for the first time.

“If I had granted them such an interview, I would have bought at least a copy.  Just as it’s in the case of your magazine, I always make sure I buy two copies anytime we have a story in it.  So, I don’t know where they came about what they published.  Or maybe, they just decided to publish that to sell their magazine or to cause confusion in our family.  It’s unfair for anybody to sit somewhere and be writing or saying what’s not existing.  My father’s wife and I can’t quarrel over any issue whatsoever.”


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