Agony of Ajigijaga’s wife, Zainab – Lives in mom’s apartment in Sango Ota

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ON Monday, September 21, 2015, the naming of the last child of late veteran actor, Mufutau Sanni, a.k.a Ajigijaga, took place at Ota, Ogun State, and it all went well.  But a few days after the naming, rancour reportedly started brewing between Ajigijaga’s wife, Zainab Olaseinde and her husband’s first born, Rasheed Sanni over accommodation problem the former is said to be battling at the moment.

However, when ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with Zainab and Rasheed on the issue, they both denied it all.  They claimed it’s fictitious and mischievous.

Your son’s naming was held on Monday, September 21, 2015.  How would you describe the event?

It was fine.  Everything went well.  Alhamdulillahi.

What was the turn out like?

It was planned to be low key but a lot of people turned out to identify with us.  People came to show love for Ajigijaga.  Apart from family members from both sides, my husband’s colleagues also attended the naming, especially those from Ifako-Ijaiye branch of Theatre and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPPAN), led by the ex-chair, Mr. Idowu Igbajimi.  I really thank God for the honour.

How did you feel that day not seeing your husband around you?

I felt bad because we didn’t plan it like that. I really missed him that day and I will always miss him.  I would have been very happy if my husband were to be alive.  And I am sure his presence should have commanded a lot of people.  But as a Muslim, I have accepted everything as an act of God.

Apart from Ayotunde, the name you gave the baby at birth, what other names was he given?

His full name now is Muhammadu Jemeel Adebowale Omotolani Ayotunde.  He’s named Adebowale by the traditional ruler of Akiale, his father’s village in Ogun State.  The naming took place at the residence of the head of my husband’s family in Ota, Ogun State.

What’s the truth about the report in a Yoruba magazine that you and your husband’s first born, Rasheed Sanni are not in good terms at the moment over accommodation issue?

That’s not true.  I was also shocked when someone called my attention to the publication.  And I had to get a copy of the magazine. I was shocked to have read that my husband’s first son, Mr. Rasheed Sanni said I was disturbing him to get a befitting apartment for me after my husband’s death.  That’s a lie.  I have never discussed anything like that with him.  And I am sure he also couldn’t have granted any interview of such.  We don’t have any quarrel.  And I can’t force him to do anything for me. How can I put unnecessary burden on him when I am aware of the situation of things in the country now?  I strongly believe the story was cooked up by some people just to cause unnecessary disaffection between the two of us.  I can’t force anything on him.  He too has his own responsibilities within his nuclear family.  He can only do whatever he thinks is convenient for him.  No compulsion in anything as far as I am concerned.

Where do you live presently?

I live with my mom in Sango.

Why did you choose to stay with your mom after your husband’s death?

I can’t live alone in that house anymore.  Our co-tenant and his family had also moved out of the place since the day Ajigijaga’s body was taken out of the compound.  They also couldn’t bear the shock of my husband’s death.  They couldn’t believe he could just die like that because he wasn’t sick.  So, the whole thing was like a mystery to them.  And since they have left, I alone can’t continue living there with my two little kids.  It’s even Mr. Rasheed that advised me to move to my mother’s place for proper care and attention pending the time he will be able to secure a new accommodation for me as it won’t be proper for me and my little children to continue staying there since our neighbor and his family had packed out of the building.  And I heeded his advice.  That’s why it became a surprise to me when I read in one of the Yoruba magazines that he said I was putting pressure on him to secure an expensive and befitting apartment for me and my children.  How can I tell him that when I am aware of his personal responsibilities?

Have you called him to confirm if he actually said so?

I have not, and I don’t think I have to.

What do you now want from your husband’s family, especially on this accommodation issue since you can’t be staying with your mom forever?

I don’t want anything from anybody for now.  I can’t put unnecessary burden on anybody. I am aware of the present economic situation.  In addition to that, schools just resumed, and everybody is struggling to pay his or her children’s school fees.  So, it will be improper to put that before anybody now.  But they can do whatever it’s convenient for them later.  After all, they’re not the ones responsible for my husband’s death.  It’s an act of God and I have accepted it so.


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