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Agya Appiah Bitters ready to take Nigerian market by storm

Agya Appiah Bitters Limited, a leading manufacturer of alcoholic bitters in Ghana, has announced its official entry into the highly competitive Nigerian alcoholic bitters market, saying it is ready to take the market by storm.

Agya Appiah Bitters was introduced to a cross section of the media at a special launch event held at Savoy Suites, Isaac John, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos on Friday, April 24, 2015.

Speaking during the media briefing, Mr. Andrews Akolaa, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Agya Appiah Bitters Ltd, said the introduction of this new product is to reinvigorate and fill the gap in the Nigerian Bitters market by providing it with the purest and most natural blend of alcoholic bitters which is currently being enjoyed in other markets around the sub region and other parts of the world.

He explained that the bitters manufacturer has always been driven by a need to do things differently and better. “We make bold to say that we are truly a bitters brand that is all natural in composition; No artificial colour and no artificial flavour, evidenced by a smooth running taste down the throat.”

Speaking on what makes the new product different from others; Akolaa noted that ‘our bitters’ medicinal values are widely acclaimed for improving the general wellbeing of both the young and old. Agya Appiah prepares bitters from acclaimed herbs. These herbs have been used as a result of years of research into the useful properties of various medicinal plants.”

He noted that the founder, a foremost practitioner and former President of the Ghana Federation of Traditional Medicinal Practitioners Association, developed these choice herbs from the magnificent forests of Ghana into a high quality alcoholic beverage.

“As a former president of the Ghana Federation of Traditional medicinal Practitioners Association and foremost practitioner, our founder has ensured that the product meets the best standards and is committed to quality excellence. And given this background the company has always toed his vision to remain natural in any product we put into the market and this makes us different.”

“Agya Appiah is endorsed by the Centre for Scientific Research into plant medicine; the agency responsible for analyzing plant based medicinal products in Ghana and an affiliate of W.H.O. The blend of 13 different medicinal plants come with many health benefits,” he stressed.

He stated that the product comes in a glass bottle size of 750ml and 200ml PET for connoisseurs on-the go – the perfect size that fits in any pocket.

To achieve success in this highly competitive market Agya Appiah has partnered with five distribution companies in Lagos and with their vast network of warehouses within major cities, a robust customer base and partners across the country, they are positioned to provide excellent and superior sales, logistics and support services to Nigerian customers.

Also speaking at the event, Samuel Ohemeng, Production Manager, Agya Appiah Bitters Ltd, expressed the company’s commitment to maintaining quality and the cultured taste of the product.

“Because of our natural content and potency, the name “Agya Appiah” has earned its stripes among our target market in Ghana and we are proud to introduce this brand to the Nigerian market.”

“In our quest for quality and sustainability, we at Agya Appiah have invested in a well-structured facility consisting of top of the range machinery that ensures our production processes: from selection of herbs, extraction of the medicinal components, blending, filling on the line and secondary packaging, all undergo consistent auditing standards,” he noted.

“We have spared no cost at ensuring quality; our teams of experienced quality assurance officers apply the latest standards of food quality management to ensure our products meet all the international standards and have the approval of the NAFDAC, FDA (Food and drugs Administration) and GSA. (Ghana Standards Authority)”, he added.

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