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Akokwa agog as Ingram Osigwe buries mom

THE sleepy town of Afor-Umuopia Akokwa, Ideato North Local Government of Imo State was jolted to its feet on Friday, June 5, 2015, as PR guru, Ingram Osigwe buried his mom, Mrs. Mercy Ifeoma Osigwe (nee Munonye).

Madam Osigwe began her final journey on Thursday, June 4, 2015 with a Service of Songs and Christian wake-keep at the husband’s country home, Afor-Umukopia, Akokwa, Ideato Local Government of Imo State.

A funeral service was held for the devout Christian by the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion at the Osigwes country home in Afor-Umuopia-Akokwa, on Friday, June 5, 2015.

Attended by relations and associates of the Osigwes, the burial service was heralded by a reception party at Afor-Umuopia. It featured performances by a couple of local and guest artistes.

Expectedly, some of the moguls Ingram Osigwe consults for honoured him with their presence at his moment of grief.  They included the Managing Director/CEO, Fairpoint Limited, Chief Sam Okonkwo; Chairman, Orange Drugs, Chief Tony Ezenna, among others.

Aged 75, Madam Mercy Osigwe, the second daughter of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Munonye Asiegbu, was born in Umuoji Village of Umukegwu-Akokwa Autonomous Community, Ideato LGA.

A renowned fashion designer in Akokwa, she established the first sewing institute in the area.  She was a successful businesswoman and farmer.

Madam Ifeoma Osigwe was survived by her aged husband, Hon. Emmanuel M. Osigwe, Mr. Amobi Osigwe, Mr. Ingram Osigwe, Mr. Emeka N. Osigwe, Mr. Ikem Osigwe, Mrs. Blessing Ekeoma Oleru (daughter), Sir Sam Ukaobasi Munonye (brother), Mrs. Jane Offor (sister) and Lady Margaret Oguekusi (sister), among a host of relations.

ENCOMIUM Weekly’s Associate Editor, UCHE OLEHI, who was in Akokwa, Ideato North, spoke with the deceased’s children and sister…

‘My mom was a strong woman’ – Amaobi Osigwe, first son

AMAOBI OSIGWETHE eldest child of the Osigwes, Amobi, first spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly. In this chat, he described his late mom as a strong woman of faith and a caring mother.

How did you get to hear about your mom’s death?

Incidentally, we were expecting the result of the presidential election and this sad news of mom’s demise hit us.  So, it was a rude shock to us.

What would you miss about your mom?

Her advice.  Also her humility.  She was a strong woman who dedicated her life to God and humanity.

So, what’s that particular advice she gave you that you wouldn’t forget in a hurry?

That I should not put my trust in man, but God.  Man will fail you, but God won’t disappoint you.

Men and women from all walks of life were here today (Friday, June 5) to mourn with you and your family…

We feel elated.  And I must thank my younger brother, Ingram.  He knows them all.  You must give honour to whom honour is due.

Now, your mom is no more and your dad is aged.  How would you lead your siblings?

We have to trust God and always be honest with each other.

What do you do?

I am a politician.  I am also a businessman.

‘The advice my mom gave me’ – Ingram Osigwe

SECOND son of the deceased and front man of Full-page Communications Ltd., Mr. Ingram Osigwe was full of appreciation for his guests.  He also shared with ENCOMIUM Weekly the advice his mom gave him before she passed on…

DSC_0540How does it really feel to host eminent Nigerians at your mom’s burial?

I feel elated that people from all walks of life came to honour my late mother.  My mom taught me how to give to people.  I will continue to live after her legacies, especially in the area of giving.

Your elder brother, Amobi admitted you are quite popular.  What’s your take on his assertion?

I’m so proud of my siblings because they are very humble and submissive.  A family must have a star.  Today, by the grace of God, I’m more visible.  I love them all. I accommodate their flaws and that was what my mom taught us.  She taught us to love each other irrespective of our shortcomings.

What about this particular advice your mom gave you before she passed on?

She told me to be strong and firm and carry my siblings along and I will continue to do so.

Now, it’s you and your elder brother the world looks at.  How do you intend to carry others along?

I have been carrying them along.  I will continue to show them love.  And with God on our side, heaven is our bound.

What’s your prayer for your guests?

A forest of appreciation goes to them all.  From Odogbolu, Ogun State to Abuja, Miami, France to everywhere.  The same God who brought them safely to Akokwa will sure take them back to their various destinations in peace.  Amen.

‘Mom was the only auntie in Akokwa’ – Emeka Osigwe, third son

DESCRIBING his late mom as a community leader and a woman of God, Emeka Osigwe pledged to keep her flag of service to mankind flying…

DSC_0233You are sure happy the world is here to pay their last respects to your mom?

Yeah.  They called her Auntie, right from 1970s.  She was the only Auntie in this community.  She was a great woman.

So, what would you miss most about her?

Her advice.  She advised me to trust in God and always be patient.

We are sure you would co-operate with your siblings?

We have to work together to keep her legacies.

‘Mom was a rare gem’- Ikem Osigwe

DSC_0233-001THE last child, Ikem Osigwe also spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly.

How would you describe your late mom?

My mom was a rare gem.  She was a selfless woman.  In fact, you can’t count one or two women who have helped this community without mentioning her name.  She trained many people. She was like a mother in this community, that was why she was called Auntie in Umuopia.

So, what do you do for a living?

I am a businessman at Alaba International Market, Ojo, Lagos.

You are happy many personalities graced your mom’s burial?

In fact, I feel fulfilled seeing eminent Nigerians coming to Akokwa to pay their last respects to our mom.  It shows they value her legacies.  And we the Adichies really appreciate their gesture.

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