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ALAT Talk Series: “Tech is not geographically bound” – Olusegun Adeniyi, Chief Digital Officer, Wema Bank

Olusegun Adeniyi, Chief Digital Officer at Wema Bank Plc, has urged young Nigerians to be solution-oriented and figure out what problems can be solved using tech.

The seasoned software engineer and business strategist, who has worked in managerial capacity at places like Rancard, Castellum Consulting and  Africa Fintech Foundry, said this at the first session of the ALAT Talk Series themed “Wealth Creation And Money Management For Nigerians Under 30”, held on the Clubhouse social media application on Thursday, July 15, 2021.

“Everything around our lives has become entrenched in technology. But how can we monetise opportunities that tech offers? What does the future look like? It is important that as we think through our career direction, we have to ask ourselves what problems can be solved using technology. Once that question is answered, the problem of monetising will be solved. Tech is not geographically bound,” he said.

Adeniyi, who gave a keynote speech on “How Young Nigerians Can Use Tech to Generate Wealth”, also spoke on the improvement in digitisation across the globe, and the need for Nigerians to leverage on trends and technology to create wealth. He also shed light on examples of tech-focused skills that young Nigerians could take up with a view to making more money, and noted that technology had gradually become a skill that is integral to the practice of many professions in today’s world.

The other keynote speaker at the session was Yemisi Odunsanya (popularly known as Sisi Yemmie), one of Africa’s biggest lifestyle vloggers and content creators, who spoke on “How Young Entrepreneurs Can Leverage their Realities to Build Ventures.” The session was moderated by Tosin Olaseinde, founder of Money Africa, who shared insight on how young Nigerians could improve their level of financial literacy.

The ALAT Talk Series was created  by ALAT By Wema, Nigeria’s leading digital bank, with the aim of giving young Nigerians a platform to discuss key issues such as money and finance, business management and entrepreneurship. Its major objective is to provide Nigerian youths with the skills and information they need to create, build and manage their wealth. For more on what transpired at the first session of the ALAT Talk Series,



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