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Alimi was to be flown abroad – Braimoh

Tunde - Alimi

Honourable Tunde Braimoh, one of the colleagues of Honourable Kazeem Ademola Alimi revealed the gentleman’s refinement in a glowing tribute.

He also painted a picture of his last days in Mecca, during his 50th birthday and his illness…


Our condolences on the death of your colleague.
Thank you very much.

Where were you when you heard about his demise? 

The news of his death came as a rude shock. We were in Mecca together for the lesser hajj. He didn’t show any signs of sickness. He celebrated his 50th birthday on the July 3, 2017. And on that day, he was a perfect host, moving up and down attending to guests personally. After the birthday, he sent appreciation to the House through the social media. We didn’t see him personally on the floor of the House. We thought he was too tired after party. Later, we heard that he was sick.

As a patriotic Nigerian, he chose to go to LASUTH to take care of himself despite the fact that he was offered the opportunity to travel abroad by the state governor and the management of the House. But when his condition deteriorated, we were advised to take him abroad. We were waiting for his condition to stabilize before taking him abroad when information came in that he had passed on.

What will you say you will miss about him?  

I will miss his camaraderie, conviviality, patriotic nature, his friendliness, his peace building ability and capacity to simplify a difficult matter. I miss his dedication to duty, his diligence and his commitment.
Whatever assignment he was given, he will deliver, and deliver very well. He was somebody that was very reliable.



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