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All Colour Awards set to recognize leadership in different sectors in Nigeria

Countdown begins asAll Colour Awards (ACA), an annual and colourful “Made in Nigeria” event-project to honourand recognize leadership in different sectors from the stable of Kanbitoons Company is finally taking place this year 2019 for the maiden edition in Lagos, Nigeria.

Information available revealed that the objective of the resource team isnot just to organize just an award but a memorable event that will help the recipients gain strong recognition and consumer empathy.

The laudable event- All Colour Awards with limitless imagination and bold execution to foster unity and positioned to soar winners beyond known boundaries- is a veritableplatform for awardees to leverage and increase their perception profile.

The creator of the All ColourAwards is Kanbi Owolabi, a versatile player in the brand and eventmanagement sector with over 20years experience under hisbelt as a top level awards organizer.

His latest initiative, All Colour Awards (ACA) is set to take the centre stage as aspectacular event for all tradition, all costumes and allglamour in grand style. It is in the spirit of making merrywith the A-list awardees in various industries in Nigeriaand reputable individuals, for brands leverage, trend attraction, Afro-heritage, cultural harmony, business andhuman networking and above all to promote unity in ourcolourful generation and many more he says of the concept.

For the records, he is one of the resource team members that worked on industry –parameters- setter- awards thatever took place in Nigeria such as; Fame Music Awards (FMA),The REEL Awards and Awards for Musical Excellence in Nigeria (AMEN), The Movie Awards (THEMA) and others.

Being the first of its kind in thispart of the world, this unique 3-in-1 colourful event billed to take place in November 2019 is set to make a statement nationally and bring about streams ofopportunities to converge on by all awardees, participatingguests and sponsors.

Nominees and eventual recipients for the special recognition awards would be selected via vigorous credibility tasking process by a clinically designated body ofjudges in the Selection Panel and Advisory Board respectively.

Added Information also revealed that the All Colour Awards (ACA) project is an exclusive event arranged to unite and amplify Nigeria’s topbusinesses, connect creativity, brands, achievers’excellence and reward by honouring and promoting the reputable individuals, organizations and brands thathave secured high populace and consumer rating in theirrespective categories.

Mr. Kanbi Owolabi, the Executive Producer of All Colour Awards disclosed that the company

and the Advisory Board of awards are very thankful to the individualsand organizations that have shown interest to be part of this laudable project as he implores other corporateorganizations to come on board as veritable stakeholdersand sponsors of an unfolding success.

He further disclosed that specifics will be communicated as events unfold.



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