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All the inspiring narratives on Mark Zuckerberg’s visit

The two-day visit of Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg to Lagos (Nigeria) on Tuesday, August 30 and Wednesday, August 31, 2016, has seen a lot of positive narratives about how blessed men should conduct themselves.

Seen mixing with young entrepreneurs in Yaba and jogging on Lekki-Ikoyi bridge, many applauded his simplicity and focus.

Here are some of the beautiful tales wrapped around the $54.1 billion man…

Olumide Iyanda: Bono wore earrings to a meeting with Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Mark Zuckerberg arrived Lagos in his trademark t-shirt with no wristwatch. Success takes care of everything

Bamidele Ademola-Olateju: The Lessons Of Mark Zukerberg’s Visit
For those of us who live in the West; Most wealthy people here do not flaunt wealth. Mark came to Lagos and he is comfortable doing ordinary things because earned money is different from stolen money, money from slave labor and oppression.
Are you surprised at the blandness of his wardrobe? Don’t be. Mark attended Philips Exeter in New Hampshire; one of the best college preps in America. They teach these things early in prep schools; character, learning and selflessness. In these schools, blandness is normal; formal dress is an Oxford shirt over plain khakis and penny loafers. Informally, you wear polos and boat shoes. The emphasis is not on what you wear or who your father is but on rigorous academic curricula, athletics and etiquette. America separates their thinkers and creatives early and nurture them. More on this someday.
Real money is not loud. When money is earned, people work not because they need money but because they derive joy in doing what they love and contributing to the body of knowledge and to humanity. They know relaxation is a fluke if the contrast of challenging work is absent. They don’t waste their lives in hollow pursuits of pleasure, material acquisition and conspicuous consumption.
How many rich people in Nigeria have earned their money by contributing to humanity? I am not surprised at all. Mark is comfortable in his own skin and has nothing to fear when jogging on Lekki Ikoyi bridge or navigating puddle ridden curbs in Yaba without the ridiculous immensity of sirens and armed escorts. If you check out their charitable giving you will be in awe. It is in their character; they don’t oppress. They build. They invest in people not things. They make dreams come true not shatter them. Real money have a strong sense of privilege and the responsibilities that comes with it. Take some useful lessons and use money, be humane and put yourself to good use, don’t allow money to use you.

Wilson Joel: Mark Zuckerberg came to Lagos,Nigeria because he can see the many more “Zuckerbergs” that we have never seen or reduced to nothing.
A Nigerian version of Mark would have banned me from Facebook for typing this just because they are that powerful yet the number 7 most richest and I dare add powerful men on earth right now walks freely in Yaba with a T-shirt, Jeans and a pair of Nike feets.
We are here killing ourselves, doing politics and bringing potentials down to ground zero.
Ermmm, oga Mark welcome Jare! Make sure you taste amala & visit makoko area of Yaba…

Makua Eyisi: Some companies are leaving Nigeria.
Mark Zuckerberg just came into Nigeria, walking the streets of Lagos.
We can see the same thing differently.

 Ayo Turton wrote on Facebook:
Pretty cool how Mark Zuckerberg quietly slipped into Nigeria, takes his business directly to the stakeholders without involving the crazy and wasteful government protocol of Nigeria.
Some “Smart Alec” government officials would have written up a budget of N100 Million for hosting him, they would provided 20 truckloads of “Igodogodo” Policemen to terrorize innocent Nigerians just going about their lawful businesses.
Some political lowlifers would have tried to gain some mileage from that by claiming he brought Zuckerberg to Nigeria, a billboard would have showed up in Owerri few hours later showing Okorocha and Zuckerberg in Lagos.
The Zuckie guy would have been distracted and only about half of what he sets out to do would have been accomplished due to some “jibiti” state protocol.
Isn’t it just cool that all the “Oniyeye ale Amudas” were ignored.

Emmanuel Ojo ‘s post, my take and Ambode’s wonder
He wrote: “Mark Zuckerberg walking freely on the street of Lagos, Yaba to be precise. No Police Escorts. No Military Guard. No Siren. Walking like a free born active global citizen that he is.”
“The last time I checked, he’s the 6th most richest being on the planet earth with a network of $53.7 billion.
Can a Dangote walk freely like this in Lagos? May thunder fire all Nigerian oppressors. Amen.
MY TAKE: Zukerberg wouldn’t have opted for a better place to walk freely than a state governed by a progressive mind who places premium on security and, as such, invests heavily on it. Even if one of the South-South governors provides an armed-to-the-teeth security personnel for him to walk this free on one of their streets, he would rather not come to Nigeria. But governor Akinwunmi Ambode could sit comfortably in his office and attend to other official matters while Zukerberg and his partners have a field day on the streets of Lagos.

Oke Umurhohwo: 10 Things that will happen if the Federal Government invited Mark Zuckerberg to Nigeria.
1. The presidency will set up a standing committee to welcome him to Nigeria.
2. The Senate/House committees on Information technology will also set up committees to welcome him too.
3. There will be traffic everywhere in Lagos because all roads will be blocked.
4. Mark cannot walk the streets of Yaba because he will be heavily guarded by soldiers (Not Police).
5. Lai Mouhammed will tell us that Mark Zuckerberg is here to support Buhari’s fight against corruption.
6. At the airport he will be welcomed by the following, a)Minister of Information however, Minister of Youths and sports will welcome him to the United States of Nigeria b)NCC Chairman c) Chairman House Committee on ICT d) Chairman Senate Committee on ICT e) Spokesperson of the Senate/House f) Senate president g)Speaker of the House h) National Chairman of APC i) National Troupe j)National women leader.
7. Young people will wear shirts with his images, women also will tie wrapper bearing his images.
8. The pages of National newspapers will have felicitation messages welcoming him to Nigeria.
9. N900million will be budgeted for his logistics and feeding
10. In 2019 some government officials will be investigated by EFCC based on misappropriation of funds during this visit.

Victor Dan: Mark Zuckerberg entered lagos unannounced…. best way to visit Nigeria and still be over loved

Prince Ayodele Brown Akande: Nigerians, hope we learn from this!
One of the richest men in the world Mark Zuckerberg visited Nigeria, Yaba Lagos precisely and even facebook didn’t notify us about the visit. Only few people knew. I’m guessing the president didn’t Know in fact, because they would have pulled some political publicity stunt about his coming.
And by the way…
Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, arrived Lagos yesterday on his first visit to sub-Saharan Africa. Zuckerberg, who was at the Co-Creation Hub in Yaba Tuesday evening, said he was in Nigeria to learn about the startup ecosystem in the country.
Learn this once and for all Nigerians, only empty barrels make the loudest noise!







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