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All you should know about ILE ZIK kidnappers’ den 

On Thursday, August 10, 2017, another den of suspected kidnappers was unveiled by men of the Rapid Response Squad in the morning at Ile Zik along Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway (Lagos).The discovery of what appears to be human parts near ‘Ikeja along’ bus stop attracted a restive crowd who threatened to lynch four suspects and burn a warehouse.

But men of the Nigeria Police maintained law and order.
Here’s the time-line of the fearful tale which unfolded two days after the Obadeyi underground canal where abductees were discovered, and a few suspects nabbed:
10:30 am: A patrolling officer of the Rapid Response Squad discovered what looked like human parts around Ile Zik, and alerted his office.

Some RRS officers were deployed there.

3:00 pm: More discoveries were made. And more officers deployed to the area.

Eventually, four suspects were smoked out of the tunnel with tear gas.

One of the suspects who appeared insane was found with an iPhone.
A crowd of restive Lagosians threatened to lynch the suspects who they injured, but rescued by the Police.

The suspects were moved to Iso Koko Police station.
The crowd threatened to burn a warehouse near the tunnel, but the Police intervened. Some of them were selected to search the warehouse, and nothing suspicious was there.
The crowd disrupted traffic flow which was later controlled by men of RRS all through the afternoon and evening.

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