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All you should know about man who cut off wife’s hand for alleged adultery

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Did you hear of a man who cut off his wife’s left hand? Jacob Nwachukwu is his name.

Here are 10 things you should know about the unfortunate incident.

  1. The ugly incident happened at Abala in Obingwa Local Government Area of Abia State.
  2. The man who carried out this murderous act is, Jacob Nwachukwu, and his wife’s name is Nwadiokeonu Nwachukwu,
  3. The lived together in the city for many years until James, the husband had to relocate to the village after he lost his job, leaving his wife who is a trader, in the city.
  4. Mr James, visits his wife in the city occasionally and is said to always quarrel with his wife on every visit
  5. Neighbours had to intervened in their previous quarrels and help them settle
  6. On the day, Nwadiokeonu lost her left hand, her husband, Mr. Nwachukwu’s intention was to kill her with a machete but missed the target as the woman used her hand to defend herself before it was cut off.
  7. The wife’s suspected lover has since fled
  8. Nwadiokeonu Nwachukwu’s severed left hand had been taken to her husband’s village at Abala for burial.
  9. Nwadiokeonu Nwachukwu is currently receiving treatment at a local hospital in Aba,
  10. Police at Ogbor Hill Police Station Aba Police Command has begun investigation into the incident

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